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Now, if you tend not to trust paid article writing sites, we can reassure you that with us your order is safe and sound. So, you don’t have to panic about its confidentiality or quality. If you don’t trust us, then read the testimonials of students who did pay for article writing at HandMade Writings and got their expectations met and even exceeded.

How it works


You submit your instructions
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Where can I pay for article writing? The answer is - at HandMade Writings!

There are dozens of other online article writing services on the web. However, with our core benefits, we are several steps ahead of our competitors. So, if you are looking for the best article writing sites, HandMade Writings is your top choice. Pay for article writing here - and get the best results in no time!

Not to sound shallow, we will provide you with examples of how our professional article writing service is different from the other options out there!

  1. 24/7 customer support.
    We’re quite proud of our Customer Support team. Once you pay for article materials with us, you can feel free to contact them whenever you want to add something or adjust the description of your paper.
  2. Ph.D. writers.
    When you pay for article assignments here, you can expect papers nothing short of perfect. Our writers are qualified enough to deliver a piece of the highest quality.
  3. Discount policy.
    Aiming to reward the trust of many returning customers that pay for article tasks via our website, we have developed a unique discount system that allows you to pay less for every new order.
  4. Communication with the writer.
    We want you to be in control of the process. Thus, after you pay for article assignments, we let you talk to your writer directly in chat. You can stay tuned and monitor the progress. And if there’s anything else you want to be changed about your paper, talk about it with him, too.
  5. Any deadline, any topic.
    When you pay for article tasks at HandMade Writings you can be sure that we will deliver a high-quality paper on any topic and at any time you need it. We’re the best article writing services, and we mean it!
  6. 97% customer satisfaction.
    Customers that pay for writing articles via our website are happy with the results in almost 100% cases. And you can be one of those satisfied clients. Don’t miss your chance - and pay for article writing today!
  7. Email and call notification.
    To make the process as transparent as possible, our team delivering the professional article writing services supports the client along the way. From the moment he places an order or decide to pay for article tasks to the instant he receives the paper, we will notify him about the progress via email or by phone.
  8. 4 years of experience.
    If you think that four years is not enough to be able to write articles for money online and guarantee the highest quality, then you could not be further from the truth. Four years of 24/7 writing is a lot. And we’re proud of our experience and expertise! So, pay for article writing with us - and we guarantee to exceed your expectations.

Now, that you are familiar with the main reasons why we believe you should pay for article writing at HandMade Writings, let’s look at our guarantees or ways we strive to protect our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What if I need the paper urgently?

    In an instance where the deadline is tight, and a lot at stake - we can deliver the product within an unthinkable time span, starting from 1 hour! We are proud of the speed of our orders procession, as well as of the adept writing experts who can achieve whatever assignment in no time.

  • Do I remain confidential when using your services?

    We guarantee total anonymity and rule out even the slightest chance of your personal data disclosure. Our writers do not see your names, while the support members are severely punished if use your name anywhere except the support facilities. We laid out a groundwork to ensure that no one knows you have used our services.

  • Do you use pre-written papers?

    NEVER ever we do that. All papers we provide as an end product are unique, and prepared specifically as per our clients' requirements to make sure of an original, one-of-a-kind paper which we hold accountable for not be using anytime in future.

  • Do you use TurninIn to check for plagiarism?

    We never do that for the sake of our customer safety. TurnItIn detection system stores all the previously checked materials, therefore, in an instance where your professor submits it for a check - it will show up as 100% plagiarized.
    We use our own plagiarism software and a couple of partners that only check the content for similarity in open sources. We are of a strong opinion that this is a sufficient precaution measure.

  • How can I apply for a discount or bonus?

    We do value our loyal customers, which is why we do have a loyal discounts system, that applies from your first order with us. In addition, you can always count for a first-time discount by asking a code from our friendly support in online chat.

We think that our readiness to have a long list of “guarantee” features is another important trait that makes us different from numerous other article writing websites.

What are the guarantees of our article writing service?

Being concerned about the safety of the services delivered online is not odd. It is just good sense. And we’re totally with you on this one. You should only pay for article writing to the company you can trust.

And here are five ways we protect every customer that ever decided to pay for article writing on our website.

  1. Moneyback guarantee.
    Our best paper writing service is your top choice because we’re not a scam unlike numerous sites on the Web. Striving to be as transparent as possible, we have decided to offer a money back guarantee. So, if you pay for article writing and then find its quality unacceptable, you can always request a refund. It’s that simple, though we’re sure you won’t need it. We’ll deliver quality papers!
  2. Plagiarism-free papers.
    Your integrity is among our top priorities too. We don’t want anything to hurt your good name when you pay for article writing at HandMade Writings. That is why we check every paper for plagiarism to ensure its quality and originality.
  3. On time delivery.
    No matter when you order a piece or pay for article assignments, we will deliver them on time. We leave no room for excuses. So, we won’t let you down!
  4. Free unlimited revisions.
    We’re also quite proud of our professional editing services. We ask our clients to check each paper upon receiving it. If there is anything you want to change, send it to our editors right away. You have the right to unlimited revisions. So, take advantage of it after you pay for article assignments at HandMade Writings!
  5. Complete confidentiality.
    We don’t disclose your sensitive data to third parties. For it, we have developed a reliable system that encrypts and protects your data from the moment you pay for article tasks till its completion.

Now, these guarantees combined with our core features make our professional article writing services outstanding, don’t you think?

So, how can you place your first order if you’re ready to pay for article writing right now?

The process is quite straightforward, and here it is described in several short steps.

How our article writing service works

Since there are dozens of companies writing articles for money online, we’ve decided that another way to outrun them in this fierce competition we need a straightforward order placement system. We want you to remain a happy client from the second you pay for article writing here and until the very end.

You can get started with our custom writing in minutes. And here is how:

  1. Fill out an order form.
    To get your writer as soon as possible after you pay for article tasks, you need to open a registration form. It contains several essential questions about your paper.
    Specify the type of paper, its academic level, subject and discipline, topic, citation format, etc. The more information you add in the beginning, the better.
  2. Pay for article writing.
    Once you add this information, the system will automatically calculate the price of your article. You need to insert your bank details to pay for article writing and click “Continue.”
  3. Wait for the paper.
    Next, our writers will get down to business. All you have to do is wait for your ready-made paper and enjoy the freedom our best essay writing service offers you once you decide to pay for article assignments with us.
  4. Receive you piece.
    This is the final step of our collaboration. After you pay for article writing, check your inbox on the day set as a deadline. We ask you to check your paper to see whether it needs any adjustments or changes. If so, then send it to our editors so they can proofread and fix it for you.

As you see, the process of ordering your first article at HandMade Writings is quite simple. It won’t take you too long. You can place an order in minutes: just specify its details and pay for article writing in advance.

We value your time and don’t want to waste a second of it. We know how precious each second is to you.

If you still have doubts about the quality of writing service, you can always read the testimonials by our clients. Do it before you buy tasks with us. They will help you see the real situation better. All these customers did pay for article writing on our site - and we're excited to get top grades for the papers in the end!

Finally, remember that you can also order research papers here. Just send us a message saying "Write my research paper." And we'll start working on it right away!

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