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Premium Paper Writing Service

We at Home-Made Writings strife to provide with an outstanding paper writing service for high-school, college and university students. We have a dedicated team of post-graduates from every discipline imaginable on hand to craft high quality and well-researched essays in a timely fashion.

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We believe that we offer the best standard paper writing service because we maintain and improve on six core principles.

A High-Quality, Research Driven Writing Paper Service

Hand-Made Writings believes that well researched and quality papers are the key to success, both for us and our customer. We ensure that all our writers have extensive knowledge in their subject area, as well as, having a comprehensive understanding of academic writing. This guarantees that our customers can have a high-level essay that ticks all the criteria of an assessment.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our custom paper writing services allow our writers to operate in direct collaboration with our customers. This ensures that they are satisfied with the standard of our paper writing service and the subject is fully addressed in the essay. Through our online shared documents customers can highlight changes, sections they do not like, or even areas they would like to expand or add, to guarantee they have an excellently crafted answer that covers all the bases. We are not happy until you are happy.

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Anonymous Custom Paper Writing Service for Tailored, Plagiarism-Free Results

Hand-Made Writings is a ghost-writing service, and this means that all work produced for a customer belongs solely to that customer. Our writers adhere to strict guidelines and processes that ensure that our paper writing services remain totally anonymous and plagiarism free. Our writers must research and craft the essay from scratch each time, even if it is a topic they have worked on multiple times. We believe this not only stops our writers from rehashing old essays that might get detected through academic plagiarism checkers but also means our paper writing services include the latest and most interesting research in an area of study.

All our employees are under strict Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) about the work they have undertaken and to ensure our client's anonymity. Anyone found breaching this NDA will face harsh criminal proceedings. We are committed to the fact our work, is your work.

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Expertly Written Papers

Our academic writing service operates on a level to level service. This means that all papers and essays will be undertaken by a writer who has, at the very least, has achieved a high-grade at the same level of the paper that has been requested. All our high-school papers are written by people studying at the college level or beyond, all college papers are written by people attending university, our university-level assignments are written by postgraduates, and our Ph.D. level assignments are undertaken by people who have completed their Ph.D. This ensures that the writer has both the writing skills and knowledge to tackle your essay’s subject at the right depth.

When it comes to Ph.D. level writing, we know that having completed a Ph.D. in a similar field or topic is not enough for an expert paper. All our Ph.D. writers are individuals who are still active in academia and engaged in the area of study, either as a researcher or lecturer. This guarantees that they are aware of all current research in a given area and our writing service offers a comprehensive and well-researched literature review. By doing this we believe our service is always one step ahead.

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Customer Orientated Process

Every process we put in place is geared to giving our customers the best online paper writing service possible. We know our work, is your work and that it should match your standards. As our customers are extremely important to us we have developed a system where our customers are able to contact both customer care specialists and the writer assigned to their project.

When it comes to their essays and course syllabus our customers are the experts. Due to this many of our writers find the collaborative process we provide extremely rewarding, because they can ask about specific areas of the subject, and what was covered in classes and lectures. This enables us to concoct a more organic and natural essay that is focused on your course.

If you need to write a Ph.D dissertation writing you can always count on our professional writers, who are always ready to cover your task.

Our customer care operatives are available 24/7, so you have instant access to us no matter where you are in the world. We encourage our customers to address any concerns that they have. We know you have entrusted us with your future – and when it comes to that future no concerns are trivial.

Low-Cost and Discounted Quality Writing Service for Students

Everyone at Hand-Made Writings knows just how hard it is financially to be a student. Most of our writers work for us to help pay towards their own studies or student debt. As such we are committed to making our prices as affordable and as transparent as possible. For a comprehensive guide on our prices please check our price guide.

No one knows better than us that essay writing is an art-form, and as an art, it is highly subjective. For this reason, we offer a first order discount of 10% so you can get to know, and work with the ghost-writer that will be working on your essay at a low, affordable price. It is important to find the right ghost-writer that works with voice and style that reflects your thoughts and ideas.

The more we work together, the more we get to know about course syllables, and the style of your writing which enables us to give you a greater discount. After three orders you will receive a lifetime discount of 5%. At 10 orders we will give you a 10% discount and 20 orders you’ll receive a 15% discount.

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Sumbit to deadlines.

As a quality paper writing service, deadlines are sacred to us. Once we agreed to a time frame with a customer it has been made gospel. All our writers are dedicated and hard-working. We don’t accept work with writers who were raised by a harem of ailing grandmothers.

We have internal process and checks on the writing process to ensure everything is progressing smoothly. In the occurrence of a genuine emergency, we have plans and back-ups to ensure the content is completed in timely fashion. If your anxious about an approaching deadline our customer support team and writers are easy to contact and can soothe any worries that you have.

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You receive a completed paper within the deadline

The process of buying papers from Hand-Made Writing

Ordering an essay from us is extremely easy and can be broken down into the following steps.

Getting the Details

Before we can start working on your essay, we will need a few key details. When ordering it is best to have the following information on hand to make the process quicker:

    1. The type of paper or essay style that you need
    2. The level of academic study
    3. The field of study or discipline the paper belongs to
    4. The paper’s topic
    5. Some details on the topic
    6. The deadline for the assignment
    7. The assignment sheet or task notes are greatly appreciated

By having these details, we can offer you a custom writing service that is tailored to your course's syllabus. We take these details and match them against our writer’s portfolio, so we can assign you the best writer for your task.

Connecting you to your Ghost-Writer

We have found the best ghost-written essays are formed when the customer and their chosen writer can communicate directly. We offer our customers a messaging system that allows them to contact our professional essay writer directly. This means if the writer has any questions or needs some clarification on the set question there are no lengthy delays in the process. We believe that making the process as transparent, and collaborative as possible benefits both our clients and essayists.

The Writing Process

Even though all our writers are academics, we provide them with an extensive style guide to ensure the high standards of our writing services. This style guide includes everything they need to know about different referencing systems, the recommended and most prestigious peer-reviewed journals for an academic discipline,the most appropriate sources and how best to use them, and guides on using appendices. We want to ensure that your essays are the best they can be.

Review the First Draft of the Essay

When the first draft of the essay has been completed you will receive a text to inform you of its completion. A digital copy of your essay is stored on our site which can be accessed with your login details. Logging in will allow you to access a preview copy of the essay that you can read, and review. Review the essay carefully, providing any comments or guidance on anything you dislike, want to be changed or added. We know good essay writing is an art form, and even the accomplished writers cannot please everyone the first time.

Accepting the Final Draft

When all the little niggles have been ironed out and you are happy with the final draft we have uploaded you can press the accept button to signal your approval. A Microsoft Word version of the document will then be sent to your inbox for printing and digital submissions.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What if I need the paper urgently?

    In an instance where the deadline is tight, and a lot at stake - we can deliver the product within an unthinkable time span, starting from 1 hour! We are proud of the speed of our orders procession, as well as of the adept writing experts who can achieve whatever assignment in no time.

  • Do I remain confidential when using your services?

    We guarantee total anonymity and rule out even the slightest chance of your personal data disclosure. Our writers do not see your names, while the support members are severely punished if use your name anywhere except the support facilities. We laid out a groundwork to ensure that no one knows you have used our services.

  • Do you use pre-written papers?

    NEVER ever we do that. All papers we provide as an end product are unique, and prepared specifically as per our clients' requirements to make sure of an original, one-of-a-kind paper which we hold accountable for not be using anytime in future.

  • Do you use TurninIn to check for plagiarism?

    We never do that for the sake of our customer safety. TurnItIn detection system stores all the previously checked materials, therefore, in an instance where your professor submits it for a check - it will show up as 100% plagiarized.
    We use our own plagiarism software and a couple of partners that only check the content for similarity in open sources. We are of a strong opinion that this is a sufficient precaution measure.

  • How can I apply for a discount or bonus?

    We do value our loyal customers, which is why we do have a loyal discounts system, that applies from your first order with us. In addition, you can always count for a first-time discount by asking a code from our friendly support in online chat.

What our customers say about their experience

Our academic paper writing services reviews are positive and reflect the core principles that we strive to uphold. We have an extremely high satisfaction rate and retain the majority of customers during their whole academic career. Our site contains extensive testimonials from previous clients that you can peruse at your leisure to see what they say about our professional writing services.

If you need help formulating a killer essay than check out our comprehensive guides or drop our staff a message.