How to write a definition essay?

A lot of students, who have to write such type of paper, wonder: what is a definition essay? They repeatedly heard this phrase, but never had to deal with it.So, definition essay is a piece of writing, which expresses your interpretation of a specific term. The definition essay is designed to form your scholarly opinion on some issues. It helps to develop logical thinking, analyzing and to structure the information.Often students have difficulty with writing this type of work. It is because they consider it as an ordinary article from the dictionary. In fact, the essay has some differences with the dictionary entry:

  • To write an essay you do not choose any word. You have to choose a meaningful word that everyone interpreted diversely.
  • You are describing your interpretation of the word.
  • In addition to the definition, you study the origin of the word and its scope of application.
  • You have to analyze and classify the term.

Thus, the definition essay is a complete description of the word with an expression of your opinion.

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Writing Your Definition Essay

When students figure out what definition essay is, they ask a second question: how to write a definition essay? It’s not a big deal— just keep calm and follow our algorithm. To start writing this academic work, you select a particular word. Other way is to buy essay online. Your choice must be deliberate. Do not choose words that you can’t write much about. Also, don’t choose too difficult words. If you do not understand the full meaning of the word, you couldn’t describe it. It is better to choose the words that mean different things to different people. It will make your work more entertaining.

Once you've chosen the word, start to collect information. You may use different dictionaries and articles. Also, you have to think about the structure of your essay. Usually, it is standardized.

Definition Essay Outline

At first glance, the definition essay format is very simple. It consists of entry and body. The size and number of units depend on what word you selected. In general, the terms are divided into material and spiritual. The material is the name of everything that surrounds us. It’s very simply to explain it. It will be enough to draw an analogy to something familiar. As for spiritual terms, finding analogy for them can be a lot more difficult. If you select such a word, the process of writing it would be difficult. It will be more like a philosophical treatise. However, students are choosing spiritual terms for their essays at increasing volumes. Consider what you could write about loyalty, strength, inevitability. If you find ideas quickly, choose a spiritual term. 

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Formatting Your Definition Essay

When it comes to definition essay format, there is definitely a clear and defined structure that you need to follow. Though it looks like an easy business, you need to be careful with unraveling the definition of your term in the right spot.

  1. Introduction
    In the introduction, you write a scientific definition of the word. Then you write the definition. It may be a small paragraph that leads to the central part. Show your creativity and write an excellent introduction. The main thing is not to overdo it with descriptions. At the end of entry, combine your and dictionary definitions and make a small conclusion.
  2. Body
    • Write about the origin of the word. Tell how it developed over the centuries. Maybe in the past, it was used for other purposes. If the word is complicated, divide it into several parts. For example, the word "mailman" consists of two parts: the "message" and "man." If you find interesting expressions or idioms with this word, write about them. Using engaging information will make your essay easy to read. To make the description more scientific, add the information about the classification of the word. Specify which part of speech it belongs to and so on.
    • Present your description of the word. What associations to the word do you have? For example, the word “Heaven” is associated with freedom, flight, and unexplored territory. Apply some emotion to your work, and it will be original.
    • Describe an example from real life where this word is used. For example, think about your childhood. When you got your first New Year gift, you realized what happiness is. Compare this with what you feel now. It may be a beautiful story that will give you extra points. If you couldn’t remember anything suitable, inspire by the story from the book or magazine article.
  3. Conclusion
    Finally, combine all your ideas and opinions. Describe your impressions of this definition. Try to fit as much as possible in conclusion, but do not do it very long. To find inspiration and choose the word, look for definition essay topics. This definition essay outline will help you with your work. But it’s not all. We prepared for you some advice for writing a definition essay.

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Useful tips for writing an essay:

  • You can use the list of definition essay topics for inspiration, but better not to use their words. Avoid plagiarism by any means, be as original as possible.
  • Start with the simplest. Write the key sentence of your work and then fill it with facts.
  • Divide your essay into parts. Select each part of the definition in a separate paragraph.
  • Add your word before the introduction. It will make an unforgettable impression. Also, in such way you emphasize your interpretation of the term.
  • Try to do the work interesting to read. It will certainly be appreciated.
  • Do not try to write work within one day. You have to study material, and only then write the conclusion. Distributing the whole task within several days is the best you can do when it comes to academic papers.

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