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Our team have gathered tutorials and "How To" guides for on merely every kind of academic paper you will face during your studies. Use our advice and knowledge to become a better writer and ace your exams! If you have any ideas or suggestions for this section of the website - feel free to reach us.

Critical Thinking Essay

Putting a critical perspective on the subject of your essay seems to be an easy deal. But how do you define if you are being critical, really? This guide will help.

Definition Essay

Some words or terms have quite a history behind them. Learn how to keep your definition essay interesting and easy-to-read.

Persuasive Essay

This guide will give you hints and tricks that can be used to persuade the reader by creating value with your proper arguments.

Scholarship Essay

This type of the essay is among the most important ones. Learn how to get your scholarship essay done properly and secure yourself fantastic academic future.

Annotated Bibliography

Find ways to keep balance reviewing the sources. Is it too short? Is it too long? This guide will help.

Application Letter

This is one of the most common ways of communication within academic and professional world. Learn how to write a proper application letter.

Article Review

Whether it's a peer reviewed academic article or a magazine article, there is a plenty of things to keep in mind when writing a review. Learn the basics with this guide.

Book/Movie Review

This guide is a step-by-step manual on how to analyze the source and conclude your ideas in the most exquisite way.

Biography Writing

Nothing works better than in-depth historical and psychological analysis of a personality when it comes to writign a biography. This guide will help you maintaining both.

Capstone Project Writing

It doesn't get any bigger than the capstone project! This guide helps bridging different parts of your project together, which is the key element of this task.

Case Study Writing

Research and analysis, based on real life events and situations put on additional pressure and responsibility. Learn how to solve true problems in a professional manner with this guide.

Coursework Writing

Coursework nothing else than summary of the knowledge you gained during semester. Learn how to properly integrate course materials into your paper.

Cover Letter Writing

Cover letter is being one of the most common instruments of primary communication within business and academic world. Learn how to write it in a way no one will stand the desire to set an appointment with you.

Creative Writing

It's hard to keep a structure in your creative writing paper if you were not given any kind of hints. Learn the best practices with this guide.

Graduation Speech

How to draw the line and summarize years of schooling along with delivering a message to the audience? Turns out, it's all about preparing a detailed plan.

Lab Report

Lab report is where writing skills meet the results of the experiment. This guide shows how to present the results in an easy-to-perceive way.

Personal Statement

Knowing how to write a proper personal statement is the key of academic enrollment as well as professional employment. Here is our guide on basic steps to formulate it.


With this guide you will learn how to hook the attention of the audience. The main idea is to create value with presented items.

Research Paper

Whatever is the discipline that you got your research paper writing task, there are basic guidelines that you need to keep an eye on.

Research Proposal

Research proposal is the essential part of any research paper or project. Once done properly, you got a scheme to craft the remaining part of the assignment. This guide will help you setting priorities straight.


A speech is as much about the content as it is about performance. But the first go before the latter, so use this guide to wrap up your content into a flawless speech.

Technical Writing

Our experts have gained an utmost experience in technical writing. Consider this guide as a tutorial for any kind of technical writing.

Term Paper

This task requires responsibility as much as expertise. Learn how to craft an "A"-level term paper with our guide.


Preparing a thesis can be tough and challenging. When the brainstorming is over, you have to be specific and persuasive in your arguments. Learn how to do that with our guide.

Wedding Speech

One of the most memorable moments of your life should be fueled with a touching speech. Our writers know how to do it, be sure to check wedding speech guide.

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