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The highest rated service for an expertly proofread essay.

Asking for a proofread essay from an academic expert is a sure-fire way to add an extra layer of polish to your academic work and to make it shine. Our online essay proofreading service has experts from every academic discipline you can imagine, ready and waiting to give you detailed feedback and suggestions on your theses, desertions, research proposal or essays.

“Will you proofread my essay, please?”

“Will you proofread my essay, please?” is one of the most common requests entered into Google. Having your essay proofread is an extremely important step in the writing process. The best and most critically acclaimed authors go through three or four specialized editors before they are published. For a piece of writing to truly shine more than one person has to polish it.

The second most common question is “Will I get in trouble for having my essay proofread?” The answer is no, you will not. Most places encourage you to seek second and even third opinions on your work. When you ask your teacher, your guidance counsellor, your friends or your parents to look over your essay – they are proofreading your essay. Hiring an essay proofreading service to help you spot mistakes and give your essay a final polish is not only allowed but recommended. Professors often use our academic proofreading services before submitting articles to peer reviewed journal for publication.

What Our Academic essay proofreading service Offers

Hand-Made Writing is an experience online proofreading service can offer you

Master and Ph.D. level proofreaders

Our academic essay proofreaders are master level or beyond. All our proofreader are experts at academic English and know how to shape the best research papers. All essays we receive are proofread by people who are experts in their field. This ensures that the proofreader can properly critique the arguments that have been formed in the paper, they know the research that has been cited, and that they are familiar with the appropriate academic style guides.

Academic Proofreading

Academic essay proofreading is a specialized niche that requires a different approach compared to most other types of proofreading. Academic writing is a genre that needs to express abstract and complex ideas succinctly, and due to this, it employs written aspects of language that many other areas of professional proofreading consider bad writing. A proofreader that normally deals with website or copywriting will suggest changes when they find nominalization, passive voice and technical terminology as they layer meaning and require higher reading comprehension. These are the hallmarks of academic because they are necessary to express complicated ideas in a concise manner. Our documents are proofread with academic conventions and audience in mind.

Highest of Standards

HandMadeWritings have proofread journal articles for professors, researchers, and lecturers to ensure the work they have submitted for publication is of the highest standard. All our proofread papers are given the same level of scrutiny to ensure our customers get high quality and academically sound essays.

Stringent Deadlines

Our online essay proofreading service works to stringent deadlines to ensure your submission deadlines are met. Our internal process gives us extremely quick turn around times.

What to expect from our proofread essays

The Correction of Spelling Mistakes

Our proofread essays will correct any spellings that are in your assignment. Our essay proofreaders localized experts and can edit pieces for US or UK English.

The Correction of Punctuation Mistakes

Our academic proofreaders will assess a document for punctuation usage. The proofread essay will only have the correct punctuation in the appropriate places.

The Correction of All Grammatical Errors

Our essay proofreaders assess the document for all common grammatical errors including run on sentences, verb agreement errors, syntax, and propositional endings. These errors will be eliminated from the proofread assignment.

The Correction of Citation and Referencing Styles

Our proofreaders for essay are well versed in all styles of referencing, whether it is APA or MLA. As we know how confusing referencing and how easy it is to make stupid little mistakes when listing a book, all our proofread essays are triple checked to ensure references are listed and cited correctly.

The Extension of Lexical Choice

Having an extend vocabulary means you can explain complicated theories and ideas with greater ease. The use of longer, complicated and field specific terminology is necessary for academic essays. It will make you appear smarter while conveying your thoughts easier.

Unlimited Corrections

Our essay editors work closely with the essay writers to produce an outstanding piece of academic writing that shines. We have an online feedback system designed for collaborative efforts where the customer can ask for the tiniest niggles to be considered countless times.

Checked for Instances of Plagiarism

It is easy for an essay to have unintentional plagiarism due to the way plagiarism checkers work. Our academic proofreading service will check an essays plagiarism percentage and flag any problems when proofreading an essay.

Tracked Changes

Our essay proofreading service uses Microsoft Word’s track changes software to monitor all amendments to the proofread document. We believe this is a transparent means of showing the level of work an editor has done on your assignment.

Commentary on all Changes

Our academic editing service leaves feedback in the form of comments to discuss and outline the reasons for changes. Our essay proofreaders believe this helps the writer become better and answer any questions the writer has on the change. Our proofreaders encourage customers to ask for clarification about any change.

How to order a proofread essay online

Our process for ordering a proofread essay online is simple and easy.

Order a proofread essay online

Place an order for essay proofreading and edit through our website and send us the document.

Contact with Academic Proofreader

An academic proofreader will contact you to discuss the requirements for your proofreading.

Proofread Paper

The paper will be proofread with Microsoft Word’s track changes and comments provided.

Review and revise

On completion, you will receive a tracked change copy of the proofread essay to show our suggestions. We will also provide a clean copy for printing and submitting. You can provide feedback and ask to revise the essay unlimited times.


Once you accept the final edit the two documents will be sent to your inbox for you to print and submit.