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“Will you paraphrase my essay?”

Are you afraid your essay may sound a little too similar to its sources? Or are you worried that you’re using five simple words where one more complex word would do? If so, then you’re not alone. A lot of students are looking for online paraphrase or reword text content tools. 

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Students send us messages like “Paraphrase my essay” all the time. They don't want search engines to view their papers as plagiarism. 

And good for them. Our experts can paraphrase an essay to eliminate all instances of plagiarism and to tighten up sentence structure and flow. Get your essay edited by our academic essay writing services and ensure your essay is 100% original. So, if you are in need of a custom essay, let’s see how you can do this!

Professional paraphrase essay online service

One of the common questions we receive is “Will you paraphrase my essay?” Our essay writing services can help students paraphrase their essays in no time. Here is what our paraphrasing service offers:

Paraphrase essay services

Part of our editorial essay services involves paraphrasing essays to reduce the percentage of plagiarism. We also paraphrase essays to make reading easier and the essay flow better.

We think it’s worth to mention that we can do much more than paraphrasing. We can also proofread essay assignments for you!

Extended vocabulary

Our experts know that paraphrasing an essay is more than replacing words. A good paraphrased essay needs to have sentence and syntax restructuring to eliminate and lower the instances of plagiarism. And once you text us “Paraphrase my essay” - we’ll make sure to add these aspects of paraphrasing to your piece too.

Paraphrase any paper

Our paraphrasing service can undertake editorial work on any style of academic writing. We work with any papers and every academic referencing system.

Expert editors with Master degrees

All our editors have Master’s degrees or above. This ensures that our editors can deliver an excellent essay. It also guarantees that they are experts in their field and know the research cited in the essays. You have no reasons to doubt our expertise from the moment you order a piece with us until the day you receive your paper.

Plagiarism-free papers

We use great software to check for any plagiarism intentional or otherwise. When you hire our paraphrasing service, we ensure that the essay you get in the end is 100% original. Be it a research paper or a narrative essay, we guarantee that we can rewrite content, change essay's structure and ensure that your piece is  of high quality and 100% unique!

Legitimate service

All colleges and universities allow seeking editors’ help in academic essays. Hiring an academic editor by texting us “Paraphrase my essay” is not only allowed but recommended by educational institutions.

Whatever reason you need a paraphrasing service for we can help you.

How it works


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How you can place an order with our paraphrase essay services

Ordering a paraphrased essay from us is extremely easy. All you have to do is take the following steps.

Providing us with the details

Before we can start paraphrasing an essay, we need a few details:

By having these details, we can tailor our editing services to your needs.

Getting in touch with an article rewriter

We will match your requirements against our database of editors and assign you the best essay paraphraser. Our paraphraser will contact you to clarify any information they need to and discuss the editing job. You can also use our proofreading services if you already have an essay.

What happens after you text us “Paraphrase my essay.”

Our editor will start paraphrasing essay assignments. Our editors take the following steps:

Changing the structure

One way to change the structure is by changing the starting point of a sentence or passage. Doing this will mean our writers will have to change the words surrounding the idea. Thus, the first thing they’ll do before editing your paper is to change the beginning and the end of each sentence.

Lexical extension

We aim to substitute too simple short words with more sophisticated choices. This will make your vocabulary look more extensive and make your explanations more succinct.

Synonym replacement

We’ll replace words with terms that mean the same thing. All synonym replacements are looked at in the context to ensure denotation and connotation of meaning remain intact in context.

We do all of our paraphrasing manually. Besides, every time you send us a request “Paraphrase my essay,” we find a native English speaker to guarantee a natural, logical and total synonymous read. We stand for the quality of our essay writing service.

Review and confirm

Once we finish paraphrasing the essay, we send it to you. We ask you to review the piece before approving it in the system. If there’s anything you want changed in it, please request a revision. We guarantee unlimited revisions upon request.

Paraphrasing in an essay can improve your grades

Paraphrasing in essays can improve the grades you receive. It allows an editor to substitute simple words with more technical terminology. 97% of our customers are satisfied with the essays they receive from our expert editors. Our essay writing service has helped over 1000 students improve their grades. We can also save you some sleepless nights once you text us “Paraphrase my essay.” It’s that simple!

We hope that this information showed you all of our benefits. Now that you are ready to get the ball rolling, you can fill out the order form or text us “Paraphrase my essay” in chat. Our representatives will get back to you as soon as they get your message.

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