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Capability-Assurance Policy

At our company, your confidence in our capability to complete your order is a benchmark. Therefore, we ask you to place an order without making any initial payment. Submit your order and we will:

  • Thoroughly check your instructions.
  • Find a writer who is the best possible match for the assignment.
  • Reply you back on the 10-15 minutes` notice informing how good of a writer we have found and either there are any questions from his side.
  • Send you a payment link for the order if everything is fine and we can proceed.

In a bid to deliver only the off-charts quality and not to overestimate ourselves, we would rather reject an assignment we cannot complete and stay honest in your eyes. We want to make sure that any paper we do strengthens our service’s reputation and gives you the best possible results. Protect yourselves from rush decision to place an order and then receive a mediocre product - give a shot to our Inquire First system and feel the difference!

Social note.

Take into consideration that we are willing to undertake everything we could in order to assist you with your assignment. However, there are cases where the task is too specific or can be decisive in a very serious way. We believe that there is nothing disgraceful to decline orders that can impact our customers` faith in such areas: Engineering, Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering, Criminology and Criminal Law, Criminal Justice, Medicine, Medical Sciences, Nursing, Aviation, Health Care, Architecture, Building and Planning.

Targeting at the maximum academic integrity in these areas, we will not proceed with some orders.