Top 5 College Movies

Top 5 College Movies

top 5 college movies

  • American Pie 2

Starring Jason Biggs, Sean Williams Scott (IMDB, 2016) alongside a diverse cast which cuts across different age groups, American Pie 2 makes for an ideal case study for a college research paper when it comes to exceptional teen college movies. The storyline is thrilling, entertaining and captivating and it captures the viewer`s attention from the start of the movie to the very end.

  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

This 1986 (IMDB, 2016) comedy tells the story of a high school rebellious kid who is determined to take a day off from school despite facing opposition form the school’s principal. The movie is funny, thoroughly entertaining and was made during an era when such humor as a movie genre was yet to be fully exploited. This movie is also an ideal case study for a college research paper.

  • Van Wilder

Directed by Walt Becker, this 2002 comedy tells the story of a college party animal student who intentionally avoids graduating every year due to the amount of fun that he has at his parties in college. The story is interesting; funny at the same time and entails twists and turns that are scintillating to the movie`s audience (IMDB, 2016).

  • Good Will Hunting

This movie tells the story of an M.I.T janitor who underwent a traumatic experience in his childhood and eventually overcomes it through his interaction with a psychologist. The story is an oxymoron as it is funny and sad at the same time but ultimately has a happy and uplifting ending (IMDB, 2016).

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  • School of Rock

This college movie has a musical and comical theme as it tells the story of Dewy Finn and his love for rock music which greatly influences his teaching career at a strict elementary school (IMDB, 2016). The movie is ought rightly humorous and the characters each paly their roles well in bringing the movie`s underlying theme to the fore.







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