5 Stages of Writing a Term Paper

5 Stages of Writing a Term Paper

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While tests can be stressful, many students find writing term papers more stressful — likely because term paper writing happens much more frequently than tests during an academic career. And while a test may range from 2 to 5 pages, term paper writing can range from 5 to 15 pages or more! However term paper writing doesn’t need to be so stressful. Consider these types of writing assignments like any other project: breaking it into stages can help immensely to complete the job with a limited amount of stress. Check out these 5 stages of term paper writing to help you ace these assignments each and every time.


Take the time to sit down and really plan out what you need to do to complete an “A” level paper. The longer the page count, the more you’ll have to write, which means the sooner you should get started. Additionally, you should sit down and do a quick KWL chart, to figure out what you already Know, what you Want to learn, and what you Learned after completing research. A quick individual inventory of your current knowledge base can help you better guide yourself through the writing process. Sit down with a calendar the day you receive a term paper writing assignment and begin to block out your time for brainstorming, researching, drafting, revising, and final completion. Making a visual plan with highlighters or other visual cues can really help keep your brain focused on the task at hand.


BrainstoringIt is often a waste of time to simply start researching before brainstorming. Take the time to brainstorm approaches to the term paper writing assignment topic. Brainstorm different thesis statements. Brainstorm search terms. Brainstorm appropriate resources — both print and digital resources. Finally, be flexible in your brainstorming. Once you’ve gotten a ton of ideas, then it’s time to head to the media center or library and really begin your research. It’s important to conduct preliminary research to ensure that the topic will have enough resources to support it. Set aside one or two days for preliminary research when you have a term paper writing assignment. The first stage of research should be researching whether or not there are enough easily accessible resources to complete the assignment. If you can’t find research on the topic, it’s always a good idea to switch topic so the research and writing process will be easier.


Once you have decided on a great topic, it’s time to hit the books and the internet to find the research you need to support the argument within the term paper writing.

Remember: primary sources are best, and are preferred by teachers and professors. Secondary sources are okay, but a paper should always have more primary than secondary sources. Develop a good notetaking system for yourself. While some students prefer taking notes on note cards, others prefer writing notes or typing them. Other students prefer to photocopy research and take notes directly on the photocopied sheet. Whatever your method, experiment until you find the best one that works for you and stick with it for the duration of the research process. And keep organized! Create a system to ensure that you know which notes go with which source!

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Drafting exists as a key element in any term paper writing assignment. Here’s the truth: writing is a process. It’s often messy and riddled with errors the first and second times an individual creates a paper or essay. Even the most famous authors work with an editor or several editors before their literary works hit the shelves! Why? Because even those individuals who write for a living are prone to make content mistakes and grammatical errors when they write. Research has shown that people are always less likely to catch their own mistakes, so it’s very important to draft your term paper writing assignment. Create the first draft for content. Then review it, and have others review it as well. Create the second draft, improving upon the first and really look at how best to incorporate all the supporting research. If it needs a third revision go for it!



The editing process can be tricky, especially if you’re unsure how to fix run-ons and fragments or aren’t sure of the different between a semicolon and a comma. If you’re not great at spotting and fixing grammatical errors, then you should ask for help! Your teacher or professor exists as a strong resource for helping you review term papers before they’re due. However, never wait until the last minute — you don’t want to be labeled as a procrastinator. Instead, ask to meet with your professor during office hours and set up a time at least a week or so before the term paper writing assignment is due. If your professor is too busy to meet, consider making an appointment at the campus Writing Center or with a private tutor. The benefit of the campus Writing Center is that this is typically a free service for registered students while a private tutor would charge by the hour.

Term papers doesn’t need to be stressful. However, the longer you wait to begin an assignment like this one, the more stressful it will become. And the more stress you feel, the harder it will be to write — it just becomes a vicious cycle. So if you want to ace all the term paper writing assignments you’ll face throughout your academic career, start early! The day you receive the assignment should be the day you plan how you’re going to work through all the stages and ensure that you’ll get the grade you want on the paper. Beginning early has several benefits. First, it allows you identify what you don’t know and work towards asking questions in enough time to find the right answers. Second, it allows you extra time in case something comes up that you have to deal with first.

Remember: writing is a process, and you need to work through its stages to do it well!

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