Term Paper – The Ultimate Guide

Term Paper – The Ultimate Guide

Have you been assigned a term paper but not sure where to start? We have all you need to know about term papers and how you can hand in the perfect one!OBM1_1

What is a Term Paper?

Term papers, better known as research papers are crucial assignments of a student’s academic career. These assignments are detailed and demanding. They are usually handed in at the end of a semester and account for an important part of a student’s grades. 

Purpose of a Term Paper:

So why write a term paper in the first place? What is its purpose and what makes it so important you ask? Term papers are created to describe a concept or an event. These term papers can also be written to argue a point. The reason these term papers are critical assignments are because a lot of effort and dedication goes into writing them. Unlike regular academic assignments, these assignments demand time and need to be given the attention that they deserve.

Through a term paper, you should be able to give your reader an insight on the topic being discussed. You will be required to dig deeper so that you can analyse your findings and evaluate them to form an understanding. Your term paper needs to be substantiated with quality research writing and this is the essence of writing a term paper. Thorough research and critical thinking skills both play an important role in making a term paper an exceptional piece of work! 

How to Organize your Ideas for a Term Paper


There are countless term paper topics that you can write on. However, you must remember that your term paper has to be original work. You are free to take inspiration and use resources from the internet. Whichever topic you decide to choose, it is important to keep the scope of the topic in mind. In accordance to the word count, will the topic have enough research information to cover it? Or maybe the scope of a topic is too vast for your research paper. Keep the research paper guidelines in front of you when you research your topic. Here are 10 great topics for inspiration:

  • Small business struggles and triumphs
  • Bisphenol A
  • Free college education
  • Medical rights of youth
  • Business exploitation of social media profiles
  • License plate readers
  • Drug legalization
  • Social media and self-esteem of students
  • Are security cameras an invasion of privacy?
  • Cyber security

Prior to writing, make sure you choose a topic that you will enjoy. Your term paper will require quite some time to write and if you haven’t chosen a topic of your interest, you’ll feel de-motivated before you know it. Take a notepad and jot down all your ideas. Then have a look at the topics that enable you to use more of your creativity. Which topics are easier for you to think about? Which topics can easily branch out into sub topics? Which topics were easier to research? Which topics are better suited for your target audience? Answers to these questions will help you in making an informed topic selection.

Writing your Term Paper

Once you’ve chosen a term paper topic, you can then start writing your term paper. As with any academic paper, ensure that your term paper follows a format. Having a format will help your paper have structure and consistency and it will make it easier for you to write. Your term paper should have a proper introduction, body and conclusion.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when following your basic term paper format:


  • Keep it informative yet concise
  • Don’t forget to provide a brief background
  • Ensure your introduction provides a bird’s eye view of what the term paper aims to discuss
  • Make sure that the introduction is catchy and has attention-grabbing statements to retain the reader’s attention
  • Your statement of purpose or thesis statement should be clear


  • Use a critical thinking approach to attempt the body of your paper
  • The body of your term paper needs to give detailed explanations of each key point
  • Each key point must have its separate paragraph
  • Ensure you make use of reliable information sources to substantiate your paper
  • Include facts, figures and inspirational quotes  to improve the quality of your paper
  • Convince the reader through the body of your essay
  • Ensure that the body of the paper is visually appealing and not too wordy. Keep a mix of visuals and content


  • Wrapping up your term paper can make or break your efforts, therefore make careful use of words and focus on providing a powerful conclusion
  • Always provide a brief summary of the key points discussed in the paper
  • Restate the thesis statement, allowing the readers to reflect back to key purpose of the paper
  • Don’t forget to use a clincher statement that will leave your reader convinced and wanted more

Once you have your first term paper draft in place, you can then proofread it and make necessary amendments. Remember, even the best of writers have several drafts before they submit the actual piece. Reviewing the paper will allow you to refresh your mind and tweak the paper till it’s perfect. Getting someone else to read the paper for you proves to be more effective since they’ll read your paper from a fresh perspective and can help you out with any discrepancies.

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Term Paper Help available Online

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You’ll soon find that writing and handing in that term paper isn’t as daunting anymore!

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