Strengths of Amazon Company

Strengths of Amazon Company

Amazon is a multinational e-commerce company has been successful throughout the years. I’ll delve into the strength of Amazon which is basically what is has made it such a power-house in the e-commerce industry and a great company. Amazon company has emerged as one of the most recognizable brands since it evolved as a book retailer in the USA.  The strengths of Amazon include the following:

Amazon seems to have some sort of sticky relationship when it comes to its customers. It is quiet deft when it comes to obtaining new customers and does well to keep them. It domination in the organic search results gives it the edge over other companies whenever customers search for books online. It ability to keep customer’s data once it signs a customer makes them unique and makes it easier for customers to repeat purchases.

Amazon has made it product distribution quiet easier. It made it easier for it urban customers to pick up their products by setting up delivery lockers across major cities.

Amazons usage of a cost leadership strategy is one of the company’s strength in the e-commerce industry. It recently lunched it kindle products at low price with product differentiation. Amazon customers are being offered more value with this product as they will now own a kindle tablet which offers books and movies (Olivero, 1).

Another strength of Amazon is it superior quality products and services as compared to other e-commerce companies. The recently lunched kindle tablet offers more than just online books. This makes the product a better one than what other e-commerce companies’ offer. The strategic acquisitions and economies of scope Amazon has make it a force to reckon with in the industry.

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