A Stepwise Guide for Writing a Definition Essay

A Stepwise Guide for Writing a Definition Essay


Writing a top-notch definition essay requires that the writer has a deep contemplation of the topic. Additionally, a good flow definition essay requires that the writer follows a concise plan of writing to remain relevant. Below are the steps that a writer needs to follow to write an articulate Definition Essay;

Defining the essay context.

When embarking on an essay writing journey, the first consideration a writer pays attention to is defining the essay context. Justification of the essay context renders the essay enticing to the reader and includes addressing certain parameters such as audience, paper length, and the format.

Choosing an essay topic

An essay topic provides a reader with an insight of what the paper will be addressing and hence it is paramount that a definition essay is accompanied by a suitable essay topic. Although the tutors often assign students with the essay topics, a writer should always choose a topic they enjoy writing about.

Conducting an in-depth study of the topic

Writing a comprehensive definition essay requires thorough research of different sources to include the internet, magazines, books, journals and other relevant sources. A comprehensive research includes the use of wide range of sources, preferably academic sources that are evidence based. Gathering information from various sources ensures that the essay is well rounded with supporting information from different disciplines, rendering the paper credible.


After gathering adequate data, the writer articulates the ideas from different sources to write a comprehensive paper. Analysis of the gathered information provides leads for planning the essay structure. It is also in the analysis phase that the writer plans on points to write to ensure the essay commands a good flow of ideas.

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Brainstorming has shown great use in gathering varying reactions on the chosen definition essay topic. It is during brainstorming that the writer familiarizes with the desired essay structure and flow. It also aids in providing insight and heads up on how to go about the essay.

Planning the Essay

A thesis statement is formulated from the articulated ideas of the essay. Often, the strongest point in the essay will form the thesis statement. An outline of this phase will help to guide the writer in writing the paper, with a good flow of ideas.

Developing the body of the essay

During the introduction of the essay, the writer should ensure to catch the attention of the audience. It is the introduction phase that determines shape the attitude of the reader from the time they start reading the essay. Avoid first-person reference and generalized statements in the introductory phase. A rule of the thumb dictates a topic sentence, expounding on the idea and a summative statement at the end of each paragraph.

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Reread the essay to pick up errors

A good essay commands proper grammar and punctuation. It is, therefore, expedient that the author goes through the essay several times to ensure it is free of the aforementioned errors. Rereading the essay also helps the writer to determine if the essay has a logical and articulate flow of ideas. Each paragraph should be interconnected with the next with no hanging sentences.

Drawing a conclusion

A conclusion is as important as an introduction. The conclusion sums up points discussed in the essay and offers recommendations drawn from inferences of the definition essay. The conclusion captures the main idea of the essay. It is also important to ensure that the essay follows the provided paper format.


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