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Top 5 College Movies

Top 5 College Movies

American Pie 2 Starring Jason Biggs, Sean Williams Scott (IMDB, 2016) alongside a diverse cast which cuts across different age groups, American Pie 2 makes for an ideal case study for a college research paper when it comes to exceptional teen college movies. The storyline is thrilling, entertaining and captivating and it captures the viewer`s attention from the start of the movie to the very end.

Top 10 Richest YouTube Stars

Top 10 Richest YouTube Stars

For the past five years, YouTube service transformed and became the most public and popular visual society. Despite numerous untargeted video materials, visitors used to any qualitative content that is relevant to their needs. Due to that fact, some channels starts earning terrific wages. They are comedians, cooks, singers with a million auditory. Here is the list of the luckiest YouTube ten.

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