Research Paper – The Ultimate Guide

Research Paper – The Ultimate Guide

Research papers are amongst the most crucial assignments that you’ll need to hand in. These important assignments usually mark the end of a semester and require effort and dedication. Many times, students find research paperwork overwhelming and can find themselves stressed out faster than they imagined. However, with a bit of guidance and basic know-how, you’ll find that writing a research paper is no rocket science and you can hand in a great one provided you take things one at a time.  Let’s take a look at essentials in this ultimate research paper guide.


Where do I Start From?

Do you find yourself just sitting there, not knowing how to take it a start? Most often, the hardest part of writing a research paper is starting it. You just need that first push to get you going and it is quite easier than you think. As with any assignment, planning it will help you get a clear overview of what you intend to include in your assignment. Therefore, take a pen and paper and jot down some important points relevant to your research paper guidelines and ideas. If your instructor had explicitly mentioned that your research paper should include certain things, these details should be at hand whilst you write your paper. Don’t worry about keeping things looking neat at this stage. You should just focus on getting the important points down so you can refer to them and they can provide you with a direction to get started.

How to Choose a Research Paper Topic

Sometimes, selection of the right research paper topic can be an easy way to make a lasting impression. Since research paper topics need to be vast, these topics need to be chosen carefully. Also, you’re going to be spending a lot of time writing your research paper, hence the topic needs to have the impact to keep you interested. If you haven’t already been given a topic, think of topics that are currently trending. For example, the topic “The Impact of Brexit on the EU and UK” is a good one. Why you ask? Well because it’s a fresh hot topic and everyone is reading about it. With a trending topic, you stand a better chance to retain your reader’s attention from the very start. Whichever topic you decide to choose, ensure that you have enough information to write about. Doing a quick research on the topic will also give you an idea of the scope and ideally, the larger the scope of the topic, the easier it will be to write about. Just keep your word count in mind. You also want to write down the strengths and weaknesses of the topic and use them to define and formulate the thesis. The thesis is then what your research paper will be entirely based on.


Format and Presentation Checklist

There’s no use having exceptional content if it hasn’t been written and presented clearly. Nothing frustrates a reader more than bad presentation. It makes a bad first impression and isn’t going to get you the grades that you are after. If you’re lucky enough to be given a template, you can simply start filling in your template as you go along. Remember, you don’t always have to start with the introduction first. Generally, it’s better to start the body of the research paper and then come back to writing the introduction. It makes it clearer since you have the main content of your research paper in front of you.  However, if you need to write your research paper from scratch, here’s a quick checklist to ensure that your research paper looks immaculate!

  • Is there a proper introduction, body and conclusion?
  • Is the font type and size the one recommended by your instructor?
  • When you preview your document, does it look neat and tidy?
  • Has the document been centre-justified (for neatness)?
  • Are headings and subheadings clear?
  • Is there proper paragraph spacing?
  • Answers to these questions will help review your work as you write it.

Here’s a basic format to follow, if you haven’t been given a template to use. This is your safest bet when you need help in structuring your document.

Basic Format of Research Paper


  • Attention grabbing opening lines that provide a clear introduction of the topic
  • A good background of the topic
  • Overview of key aspects that the research paper aims to discuss
  • Key terminologies that will be used in research paper
  • Thesis statement that includes:
  • Overall focus of the paper
  • Outline of key points


  • Crystal clear explanation of key aspects of the research paper
  • Facts, figures and any evidence to support your content (derived from reliable information sources only)
  • Critical thinking based content
  • The use of relevant quotes (a fool-proof way to impress!)


  • Refer back to the thesis and how your research paper supported it
  • Brief summary of key points
  • Strong concluding statement that helps tie the research paper together leaving no stones unturned

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Don’t Forget to Proofread

Whilst everything may look crystal clear, it may not sound clear. Therefore, it is extremely important that you review your work by proofreading it. Read it once yourself and get someone else to proofread it for you too. This will help you in tweaking your research paper so you can make it perfect. At this stage, you can also make amendments and move things around a bit if you feel the need to do so. A research paper that has been written clearly and presented properly will always be a pleasure to read and will have your reader hooked from the very beginning.

The Easier Way Out

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