Perils of copying a friend’s paper

Perils of copying a friend’s paper

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The most elementary form of plagiarism is copying a friend’s research paper and submitting it, posing it to be your original work. Despite this practice violating the ethics of research and being totally discrediting for students, it is worth noting that the practice is still rampant in many universities and colleges to date. There is a tendency for students to cheat on their assignments and term papers. Passing times have seen many contemporary means of cheating on assignments. However, the idea remains the same.

Do not copy research papers, assignments or term papers

Research papers suffer the most when it comes to cheating. Precisely, students will copy their best friend’s paper and submit the same to their tutors, and act as if the paper was their original work. Although such practice may help you get through the day, eventually, such practice lead to much bigger problems. Cheating may be enticing, especially for busy students, but those who practice it do so at their own peril.

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Copying your best friend’s paper leads to violation of writing ethics. In many cases, students who submit plagiarized term papers and research papers often face dire penalties. The practice of copying has in other instances been observed to be a cascade, whereby the copied paper may have also been copied from another student’s paper and so on. It becomes easier to detect a copied paper with the contemporary technology in the research world. Many educational institutions are making use of plagiarism detection software to help in eradicating this malpractice. Involving in duplicating another student’s work put you at risk of being caught and consequently facing stringent punishment that may include termination of studies from the institution.

Another drawback of copying work from other students is that the student never gets an opportunity of learning writing and research skills. It escapes the mind of the students that by copying, they are causing damage to their prospective future professional life. Someday, they will not have an easy way out and research paper writing skills will be put to test with no room for errors. It becomes frustrating to your employer and an embarrassment to you that even after going through school, such basic skills are deficient in your experience portfolio and practice. Often, assignments may feel overwhelming, but they provide a learning opportunity, which is the aim of education.

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In effect, plagiarism is the most unethical and discouraged academic conduct in the university. Being indicted for plagiarism, therefore, is one of the most damaging reputation to the academic life of any student. Those found guilty of plagiarism charges will often meet the disciplinary committee of the university, to include Dean of your college, and the verdict may include losing credit for the course or having your studies terminated altogether. Honesty is a virtue and to avoid all these consequences, it is wise always to do authentic work. The consequences of plagiarism far outweigh the risk, and a wise student would stays away from this vise. Hard work will always pay.



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