Need for Speed

Need for Speed

Need for Speed

Working for a custom writing service means that I am always working on a deadline, just as students and other professional writers face. I am not the fastest writer in the world, and I have tried to increase my speed and productivity to enhance my professional abilities. The custom writing that I do is no different, really, from most other kinds of professional or academic writing. It is rare that anyone sits down to write something for work or school that does not already have a defined topic, format and due date. So, in reality, unless you write your own blog or like to keep a journal, you are most likely bound by the same restrictions and guidelines that I face in my job.

Need For Speed…

Working against the clock can often be daunting in and of itself. For me, it is often similar to when I cannot fall asleep and keep looking at the clock and counting how many hours until I have to get out of bed. I have had times where I just keep looking at the clock and calculating how many hours I have until I have to write. When I am having trouble writing and the project is coming due quickly, I will occasionally try to distract myself from thinking about having to submit the project, and just try to think about how I am going to write it.

Standing up and stepping away from the computer for a moment is often a good way to start. I try to assemble something to bring back to the computer to eat and drink and use the restroom, so that I will not be tempted to get up again too quickly. When I sit back down, I sometimes like to listen to some music through my headphones, which blocks out surrounding noise and prevents distraction. Sometimes music itself can interfere with my work, but is usually a good way to block out negative thinking and allow me to start writing. My rule is I take off my headphones when my ears start to get hot.

Reviewing the instructions is a good way for me to “reset” myself and can sometimes provide insight into a different approach or resource that I can use. I might realize another search term that I could use to find an article in an academic journal or think about a way that I can use the material that I have already found in my research.

Once I am able to get moving, I try to be disciplined and to set goals for myself. I make an internal deal that I will not get up until I have written 500 words or finished a section, for example. I smoke, so this can be powerful motivation for me to work hard so I can get up and have a cigarette!

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Finding techniques to increase my productivity is an ongoing process and I think that it will always be. I know that I will never be the fastest writer, but I can get faster than I am now. I know that I can produce more custom writing projects now than when I first began working for the custom writing service, and hopefully I will get even faster!Hopefully, with time, I will find other ways to keep myself focused and more productive

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