Motivating Potential Employees

Motivating Potential Employees

In order to familiarize with the variety of career opportunities offered by the greatest corporate systems this article will clarify differences and similarities between the approaches used by such giants as Nestle, Unilever and Procter and Gamble, that help them with attracting and retaining their staff. The facts are all taken from the official web-sites of the mentioned companies and present the most current and relevant picture.

The first notable point, having been encountered at all three specialized career pages of the companies is that every of them emphasize on the high importance of their employees. People is the most valuable asset in any business and it is truly recognizable from the particular lines in the hiring policies. Nestle, for example proclaims that “we believe in people, rather than systems”, while P&G says that “we hire the person, not the position”. The Unilever`s motto “powered by people”, however, is the most crowing example strengthen with the words that “people give Unilever its energy, culture and ideas.”

The other worthwhile aspect is that all three firms inspiredly speak about their greatness and deep-rooted history. And it is even more amazing that they give enormous credit to their workers and feel obligated with their success to them. Therefore, it is not surprisingly of their readiness to invest into employees` development, encouragements, professional growth and do it time and time again. All these factors play major role in motivating potential employees and retention the experienced players.

Taking into account the respective and serious treatment toward the workforce, it is difficult to allocate one of the three companies that held first position with its motivating package. Still, from the stand point of the author of this writing, there are some advantages clearly visible only at the career site of one of them. Unilever Group presents a very suitable online resource where it is possible to familiarize with all possibilities of becoming or being a part of the team: “Be innovative”, “Build your career”, “Act responsibly”. At the “Why us” section the applicants can get acquainted with the particular path waiting for them either they are experienced professionals, graduates or interns. The concise respond to each of interesting points and simplified design of career page engenders trust based on minimalistic approach and eventually lead to online application of thousands of people worldwide. The Unilever system has its own web-sites adopted for almost every developed or developing country in the world. The career web-site operates 24/7 and interested candidates are welcomed to apply for open or starting positions.

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It is hardly imaginable how the competitors can come up with the advantages over the described above companies. The drawn example is the comparison of a personal care, household monster “Procter and Gamble” and the European-based rivals. According to the data at, the competitors operating in Europe are almost oblivious for the P&G. The following statement is the brightest evidence of this fact: “P&G generates approximately one and half times the revenue than its closest competitor, Unilever (UL), and possesses a higher operating margin (20.30%) than any of its competitors as well. The company invests about $2 billion a year in R&D, nearly twice that of Unilever, and equal to the combined total of its other major competitors”. also points out the reason for such a major difference, simply approving that such a broaden and big portfolio of products in the household and personal care industry with 24-billion dollar brand is pretty much impossible to compete, or at least, very hard to.

The addressed information testifies the constant presence of growing success coming prominently from the hundreds and thousands of dedicative and responsible employees. They are the ones, who make crucial difference between just some company, and one of the greatest of our times.



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