Manager in Restaurant

Manager in Restaurant

As any other manager, a manager position in a restaurant/bar covers a broad range of duties and responsibilities. Particularly in a restaurant business, it is increasingly important to be able to handle all the aroused issues and deliver an outstanding service to the customers by the means of harmonious internal work. Listing the direct duties of the manger, they are as follows: coordinating activities between various departments (kitchen, dining room, and banquet operations); ensuring customer satisfaction; overseeing inventory; ordering food, equipment and supplies; arranging for routine maintenance and upkeep of the restaurant and its equipment; maintaining records; monitoring employee performance  etc. ( In addition, manager is responsible for hiring new staff, elaborating of prices, tracking the financial statements as well as keeping an eye on the dishes, proper servings and even consulting chefs about the most appropriate menus.

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Remembering that such an extensive number of things depends on one person, makes the position of manager extremely responsible and requires alike attitude from the candidates. According to the recruitment websites, along with other must-have skills a position demands terrific organizational and communication skills, problem-solving attitude, ability to work under high pressure, initiative, grand responsibility and responsiveness. All these make a good manager that is able to provide a top-rated customer’s service.



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