The Legalization of Medical Marijuana

The Legalization of Medical Marijuana

Many centuries ago, the healing properties of hemp have been described and developed recommendations for its use in certain diseases in China. Nevertheless, until now, any positive reference to hemp, marijuana, hashish irritates the public, who immediately sees propaganda of addiction or moral degradation of society.

The most powerful medicinal plants are prohibited or under strict control throughout the world. People cannot sow or collect it without special permission. There is a taboo because of the active substances of these unique plants, which can change the identity of the person for the worse in the long term. However, using the same short-term alkaloid flora drug has a salutary effect on various body systems.

“Marijuana is also known as cannabis, it is made of hemp. Leaves, buds and flowers of this plant contain a unique chemical substance known as cannabinol. It is valued for using it in various medical applications. Cannabinol can disable the gene, which is responsible for metastasis in many aggressive forms of cancer.” ( However, it has no psychoactive properties of marijuana. It can weaken insulin-dependent diabetes by 58% and reduce heart attacks by 66%.

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Andrew Cuomo said: “Marijuana can be used as a sedative in the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases. We launch on its application in the medical purposes and see how it will be effective”. ( Canada, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Israel, Finland and Portugal, and several United States have legalized marijuana for medical purposes.

Medieval Arab physicians actively treated almost everything with marijuana. From VIII to XVIII century, hemp was used in the Arab world as a diuretic, antiepileptic, antipyretic and pain killer cure. In ancient India, people gave hemp to women giving birth in order to calm down and to kill the pain.

Scientist-oncologist at the University of London, Dr Wai Liu recently found that organic chemical compounds extracted from marijuana are able to kill cancer cells that poison the lives of people suffering from leukemia – one of the most brutal forms of cancer. Every year up to 300,000 people of all races and ages die from leukemia in the world. At the same time, there is a wide range of advantages that the cancer patient can obtain by using it. One of them is that it helps people to regain appetite. To feel better, a cancer patient should eat healthy foods. Cannabinol, the main ingredient of cannabis, repeatedly proved its ability to increase appetite in cancer patients in addition to the perception of taste and smell.

Another important advantage of medical marijuana for health in that it helps to reduce pain in cancer. Treatments for cancer are often unpleasant. Most patients experience severe pain, while their body is fighting a war against the disease. Receiving medical marijuana can help relieve the pain. Medical marijuana helps cancer patients who have problems with sleeping. Sleep plays a vital role in any recovery process. If the man cannot sleep, it will be much harder to recover. However, medical marijuana helps to fight vertigo. In addition, it is a problem in the treatment of cancer.

To sum it up, the legalization of medical marijuana is very important. However, the recreational use of marijuana is prohibited or severely restricted in the world. Nevertheless, in some countries, natural or synthetic cannabis drugs are approved for medical use. Marijuana should be a serious adjuvant therapy, reduces the severity of pain in patients with cancer and other serious illnesses.


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