Leader as a Visionary

Leader as a Visionary

Contemplating in regard of a leader that has had a major impact on society, the first who springs into mind is undoubtedly Steve Jobs. His legacy is now one the most popular and recognizable all around the world, as the way he approached Apple’s brand positioning, no one had previously ever done.  Unlike the competitors, Jobs influenced, and virtually, captured the society with the beautiful design he applied to all of the Apple products. Although financially speaking some of his decisions at times were out of rational sense, his creativity bonded people with the desire to be innovative and beautiful carrying the “Apple” in pockets.

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Daniel Goleman, in his well-known leadership article pointed out 5 main traits to be cultivated by leaders and thus make their work efficient. They are, however, solemnly refer to the “emotional intelligence” term, and include self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skill (Goleman, 1998). Emotional intelligence is a complex to master quality, though it truly benefits the ones who possess it. As for me, I can claim that self-awareness and self-regulation are among characteristics which would help me to overlook the world and in particular, working environment, objectively and clear.  Obviously every person must realize if the position he/she is in, grows and makes you better, or not.

A lot of people mix up the positions of manager and leader. Unfortunately, manager is not always a leader, although he must be the one by the original meaning. Leader, in essence, is a person whose guidelines and advises are easily taken by surrounding, as well as eventual and important decisions. Leaders are those, who encourage and lead co-workers by the intrinsic passion and intuition. Manager, as opposed, carries out the decision-making based on the rules and coherent mindset. If a manager is the leader, then the company is implementing their HR activity well.

An examined by me article gives certain outlooks about how the personality of the owner (Steve Jobs), reflected and bloomed in his companies to reach an amazing success. Leading the way by your own script appears to be one of the keys to endurable business, and it absolutely does not matter if you are manager and leader all in one, as the second one eventually takes command of everything else.



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