Top Plagiarism Checking Software Review

Top Plagiarism Checking Software Review

Plagiarism Checking Software review by handmadewritings

What’s the big deal about plagiarism? Okay, you’re probably not asking that because the big deal should be pretty obvious: it’s stealing. And no one likes a thief.

Sometimes when we are researching material for school work or we’re compiling information for any kind of writing we see something someone else wrote and think: that’s pure gold. And that’s great, but it’s not your gold.

So, make sure you paraphrase the essence of the thought instead of claiming it as your own or give credit where credit is due. Originality is crucial in academic writing, entertainment writing, reporting and well… all writing.

Also, the peculiarities on plagiarism, infringing copyrights and fair use can be complex. So just remember this: if in doubt, give credit out.

Plagiarism Happens

The internet makes being a writer – of any variety – challenging. We live in an age of information saturation and as such compiling information for an essay, term paper, speech, or even a dissertation can become overwhelming.

Picture this. You’re sitting at your computer (coffee in hand) and you’ve got close to a dozen tabs open in your browser – all to do with the topic you’re writing about. You’re collecting snippets of text from here and there to quote or remind you of what to include in your content.

You piece together your paper and start to have trouble remembering if you wrote that awesome one liner, If someone else did? Don’t just assume you did and roll with it. Don’t do what these high-school administrators did. Plagiarism check that thing.

What happens when you’re caught
plagiarising isn’t pretty. You risk suspension or expulsion from school, you’ll likely fail the class and if you’re not a student the risks can be even higher. Your professional reputation is on the line along with legal repercussions depending on the severity of your offense.

Writing not your thing? Stay cool and hire a custom writing service to do what they do best. Need a custom paper? Easy. Want a killer keystone speech? Done. Or, scan it in one of the top plagiarism checking applications below.

Don’t risk everything on someone else’s words.


Copyscape is the first of four plagiarism detectors I’m going to discuss. I put it first because – to me – it’s the cream of the copy crop. Why? Because internet content stealing is prolific.

Remember how I mentioned the internet complicating things for writers – well this is one of those examples. Hundreds of thousands of articles are produced every day. Web content is the siren song of many digital businesses since it drives traffic to the website.

But when you have good content, other people may also want your good content to benefit their business. So they slap their name on your work and call it day. Seems like cheating to me.

Copyscape exists to seek out your unique content anywhere on the web. It will even return web pages that have content that has a certain similarity index to yours.


  • It’s a free service for an overall website scan
  • Checks your website content against a trillion web pages
  • Uses a similarity index to catch content even kind of close to yours
  • Copysentry is a paid service that automatically checks for plagiarism each day


  • 5 cents per web page content scan with the more advanced and flexible Copyscape Premium
  • You have to manually enter the content to be checked (unless you get Copysentry)

Also, feel free to order any academic writing, including speech from the professional writers at!


Nowadays most schools make you sign or at least acknowledge an anti-plagiarism policy to nip content theft in the arse. But, as we all know, there are always going to be the ones who think they can be slick and sneak a fast one by the teacher. Well, thanks to tools like PaperRater – they’re wrong.

PaperRater is a recommended tool for teachers trying to prevent plagiarism. It allows for content to be checked against over 10 billion documents both online and in print. Additionally, the site is run by graduate students, professors and linguistic experts. So, it’s pretty much the real deal.


  • It’s a free service for shorter documents (5 pages and under)
  • PaperRater is also a grammar and spelling checker
  • The premium service comes with advanced options and is free for teachers


  • It’s $7.95 a month for premium service to submit documents up to 25 pages in length
  • You cannot upload documents unless you have the premium service


viper review by handmadewritings

Viper is one of those tools that has everything you would want in a plagiarism checker. The difference between Viper and let’s say…Copyscape is that it’s actually a program you download onto your computer. And, it’s for Windows users only (sorry Apple fans).

Why is this a good thing? Because it can scan essays on your computer and the internet. So, why is that a good thing? Because a lot of the time we save academic papers, PDF’s, e-books, etc. on our hard drive that may not be readily available on a website and now there’s a way to check all of those out, too.

So, if you write a paper that uses quotes from a PDF you got from a friends presentation – well, now you’ll know who to cite.

Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that Viper gives you a highlighted side-by-side comparison of questionable snippets of text in your paper against ones found online and on your computer.


  • Totally free plagiarism checker
  • A more comprehensive way to check for plagiarism
  • Links to online plagiarised work
  • 100% accuracy
  • Scans documents on your computer and online


  • It’s software that needs to be downloaded
  • Only can be used on Windows operating systems


TurnItIn review by handmadewritings

TurnItIn is an umbrella company for a few extremely popular and accessible online plagiarism checkers. They are modern, up-to-date and ready to help writers across the board check for plagiarism.

TurnItIn is the plagiarism detector developed for instructors and teachers. The features go way beyond just content-thief-seeking, they offer a feedback studio to evaluate the quality of student’s work; they offer a scoring engine to automatically rate the content; and they offer a revision studio that, “gives feedback on prompt-based writing”.

It’s the whole she-bang.

And if you’re not an instructor or a teacher, you may be a student or a professional, in which case TurnItIn has subsidiaries for you. iThenticate is a plagiarism checker specifically designed to double and triple check research publications, governmental organizations, legal firms and professional journals.

And last of the trio is WriteCheck – developed primarily for students.

In conclusion, the moral of the story is simple: if it’s not yours, don’t take it; and if you must, properly cite it.

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