Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail

Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail

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Most students who attend a college or university have to make adjustments in their academic and personal lives. For many it is the first time that they are away from home; even for those who continue to live with their parents as they study must still adapt to learning in a different environment. All students must also learn to satisfy all of the demands that are made upon them by school, their job, and their personal lives. Perhaps most importantly, the writing-centered curriculum that they now find themselves immersed in can be overwhelming for many. Finding success at college or university demands every student to assimilate their new environment, allocate their time appropriately, and adjust to a more demanding learning environment.

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While higher education certainly is not devoid of structure, more responsibility is placed upon the student in order to achieve success. There are generally fewer assignments, and therefore each one has a higher impact on the grade that one will receive in that class. Attending class once or twice a week can also diminish the sense of urgency to complete assignments.

Along with that, the nature of the work differs, as well. There are less “busy work” assignments such as answering questions at the end of the chapter in the textbook. It is more common that students will be asked to assimilate information from lectures and independent research to generate a paper. For some, this can be a major adjustment, and one that is crucial to learning to succeed at the college or university level.

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In addition to the changing educational demands, college life is filled with distractions. Social events are a part of the college experience, as well as being inherent to the maturation process that is central to the benefit that is obtained from pursuing a degree. The experience is not limited strictly to studying and pursuing a degree. Making new friends and taking part in university functions and organizations are as of much benefit as attending class. Of course, learning how to apply oneself equally in all areas is often a difficult task.

One of the most difficult adjustments that anyone has to make when attending college or university for the first time is time management. The social aspect of higher learning cannot, and should not, be eliminated. However, the primary reason that most attend college or university is to earn their degree or certificate, and this cannot be accomplished without satisfying the academic demands placed upon them.

What options exist to help students to navigate their way through what can often be an overwhelming experience? Academic support centers can help students to understand what it is that they need to accomplish, and to help them complete those tasks. Reaching out to other students, perhaps through an unofficial study group, can often be an effective way to work collaboratively to reach goals. Sometimes, though, the demands of juggling work, school, and a personal life can prevent the most committed student from achieving success. Unanticipated events can arise, or difficulties with learning in a second language can present an obstacle to academic achievement.

Private academic support services can help to bridge the gap between what must be done and what can be done alone. This might not just be as simple as looking to buy an essay. Reputable companies exist that can provide proofreading and consultation that can help a student to achieve success without simply hitting a button marked “buy essay” and entering their credit card information. For some, the difference between success and failure can come down to planning, but when unexpected events unfold, successful planning may include looking for help outside of their college or university for assistance.

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