Essay on Reagan/Bush Years

Essay on Reagan/Bush Years


America has been characterized by a series of events and people since its inception as a free society and the most powerful nation in the world. Some of these people and events have been short lived, others have gone on to change the course of time and completely rewrite the pages of history be it in a positive light or one that has marred the existence of such people or events.

The Reagan/Bush years were, in the history of the American context, arguably the most significant. Filled with events and individuals or groups who radically and tentatively set different historical phenomena that are and will still be discussed in a long time to come.

This paper discusses two of such events or people or group that have notably been involved in the significant change in American history. It analyses how such changes have affected America as a nation and how the country would have been different in the absence of such occurrences or individuals, or in a situation that such events took a totally different turn or twist.

Reagan and the “Evil Empire”

March, the 18th 1983 will forever be remembered in American history as a day that symbolized the radical essence of the great men that ruled America in the past and those who were to rule in the future.

President Ronald Reagan, whilst addressing men and women in an annual meeting of the National Association of Evangelicals in Orlando, Florida delivered what was to become an event transforming speech.

Regarded as a transformational leader, Reagan’s famous speech brought about different emotions from all over the world. Conservatives applauded the man’s courage, while liberals considered the speech of March 18th, the worst ever to be made by a president of the United States of America. Reagan had referred to the Soviet Nation as an “Evil Empire”. In the light of an impending cold war and the no regard for the respect of man values were characteristic of the Soviet totalitarian society.

What impact did Reagan’s speech have on America?

Well in my own humble opinion, it did put America in a more positive light the world over. America was deemed as the nation that refused to be bullied, a nation that which spoke out for itself and other nations. One that laid the foundations of belief in liberty for all. A nation that held in high standards, the testimony to the power of words, courage and the truth.

Reagan’s words of March 18th changed the attitude of and perception of Americans and the world as to what is possible. It strengthened the American values and belief in democracy.

Were it not for Reagan’s “Evil Empire speech” the cold war would not have ended when it did, so also would have been a fallacy, the subsequent and eventual fall of the Soviet Union.

America did become a legacy after March 18th. Reagan’s words are still celebrated by conservatives as one of America’s most significant and proudest moments. America celebrates this day as the triumph over totalitarian communism.

America had brought redemption to the West. Reagan’s speech brought the very much awaited ripple whose effect was of enormous impact to the freedom loving people on both sides of the iron curtain.

Reagan’s words put faith, a sense of moral values and positive ego in the heart of Americans. And even though Liberals still argue about the context of his speech till date, I think, I believe those words liberated the weak. It liberated the West.

The Technological Revolution

To consider the effects or impact of the Technological Revolution would be complex, yet interesting in the sense that there is a cardinal or countless number of issues that would have to be examined.

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The consequences of this historical landmark on America and the American people is said to be one of varying opinions.

It is my opinion that the Technological Revolution brought about an increase in the standard of living to the American people. Principally, in the efficient production of manufactured products, it aided the decline in the cost of commodities, thereby allowing for goods considered as high priced or rather luxurious to become attainable and purchasable to the average American family.

Price structure lowered immensely, and significantly, Americans came to know an increased standard of living. This higher standard for the American populace transcended into the fact that amenities and conveniences came to become enjoyed by the people at a relatively lower rate.

The American economy boomed, with great sporadic spurts of development and wealth as a result of consumer spending and large scaled exports.

Another crucial role played by the Technological Revolution was the production of jobs created as a measure for the need of manpower for machinery operation and assembly lines.

A major impact the revolution played was its ability to give the female gender the opportunity to work outside the boundaries of their homes. In a bid for low-waged labour, industries sought to employ young women, a significant phenomenon, as in the case of textile industries. While many would argue and disagree on the notion of women having to earn lower wages than men, the Technological Revolution and this ability for women to work, did eventually create a sense of freedom. It became the platform through which women became role players in the broader scheme of the American economy.

The Technological Revolution did revolutionize not just manufacturing and industrial processes; it was established as the greatest increase of economic growth in America.


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