Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

In the modern world emotional education shapes one’s temper and directly influences the decision-making approaches of people. Emotions have always been separated from the cognitive function, but in opposition of how it is supposed to be, the vast majority of people still struggle to put objective thinking on the first place, grounding their day-to-day acting in “how do I feel” approach.   The following paper aims at supporting a core idea of what is considered an “Emotional Intelligence” (IE) by exposing testimonials and positive effects to the point.

The term “Emotional Intelligence” firstly appeared in a business dictionary in 1995, when at time unknown psychologist and New-York Times journalist Daniel Goleman brought it up to the wide audience in his book with the respective title. Before Goleman, the understanding of the concept of emotional intelligence was cut into two parts.  Logically, hence the term is combined of two independent meanings, the explanation of EI was bounded to somewhat wise perception of reality and preventing rage explosions where unnecessary. Our concept of emotional intelligence is primarily focused on the complex, potentially intelligent tapestry of emotional reasoning in everyday life (Mayer, 9).  What is meant is that mental understanding of managing of emotions can lead to the balanced positioning and reasonable decision-making during the life-being.

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Advancing to the business terms, and especially to the EI’s impact on managerial success, there are undoubted centerpieces revealed by Daniel Goleman in his “Emotional Intelligence” bestseller of 1995. Emphasizing the significance of emotional intelligence in society, Goleman continued his studies by applying IE to the business governance perspective. Being on the track of his explorations, he published a number of appealing articles, including an HBR analysis attributable to the management performance in large corporations. The examined data revealed that by analyzing the ratio of technical skills, IQ, and emotional intelligence as ingredients of excellent performance, EI proved to be twice as important as the others for jobs at any levels. (Goleman, 9). Consequently, the psychological maintenance appeared to be overly important in comparison with any developed skills and knowledge managers have. 

Goleman distinguishes 5 main traits to be obtained by a truly successful manager. If had these: Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Motivation, Empathy, and Social Skill; a manager would excel to be an exceptional visionary leader to guide his subordinates to incomparable performance. A thorough research on the roots of emotions being a predominant forcing power commonly does not give fruitful results. By contrast, only a day-by-day cultivation of 5 listed qualities will eventually mold an exemplary manager.  Clearly, a manager who can cope with his emotions and realize the root of an aroused issue is on the right route. However, to perfectly resolve a particular problem he would also need to understand how the situation benefits his workers, even if it is a complete disaster. Motivating employees from failures is the capability only a few of managers possess, and they acquire them using their strong will-power, empathy and social skill.

In a nut shell, emotional intelligence is a complex to master quality, standing for an exclusive set of emotional rules, which can bring a person to high managerial execution. Whereby the Emotional Intelligence, business professionals can reach a whole different level. Particularly for future leaders, this attribute should be developed on daily basis.


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