Key Features of A Well Written Definition Essay

Key Features of A Well Written Definition Essay

Essays are one of the main forms of academic assignment for students in colleges and universities. While the basic idea of writing any essay is the same,regardless of the essay topic, it is clear that there are many types of essays. Presented in this article are some tips that might aid the understanding of what is required of you, when asked to write a definition essay.

A Well Written Definition Essay

A definition essay is an essay that seeks to provide the exact meaning of a word or concept. It is an exact description or statement of the meaning, scope or nature of a concept.Which is why many students perceive or think that it is an easier process than it really is. As a matter of fact, definition essays are often more complex than other essays because of the notion that they are deceptively simple. First and foremost, these kinds of essays require you to come up with a longer, and more subjective definition of a topic, rather than the standard, objective definition one might find in a dictionary.

Before you undertake writing a definition essay, it is necessary that you have a concrete understanding of the word or concept.This makes it possible to define such a word/concept without confusing the reader. Dictionary definitions are not the most ideal place to start. Although these definitions might provide some framework, it is important to define the term in a more critical manner.

Definition essay

Qualities of a well-written definition essay

Qualities of a well-written definition essay: There are many numerous qualities of a definition essay out of which some are discussed below:

1. Thesis statement and qualities of a definition essay:Thesis statements of your definition essays should clearly answer the following questions:
a-    Is the thesis statement clearly explaining the core of the definition essay?
b-    Is it interconnected and united?
c-    Is it concise and expressive?
d-    Is your thesis statement a debatable assertion?
e-    Is the topic of the essay reflecting in the thesis statement?
f-    Is it answering all the questions of the definition essay?

2.Examples that are used in writing definition essay: Incorporating examples certainly improve the credibility of the definition essay but in numerous cases, students don’t know which examples would be suitable and which should be used in the essay. Unsuitable examples and discriminate use of them significantly undermine the quality of the definition essay. It is also important to discuss clearly, what you want to portray or communicate via the examples. Many students often make up stories that are irrelevant and lack objective such that your teachers or course instructor deem it unnecessary to read.

3.Two most important parts of definition essay: Although, there is no strict rule concerning the segmentation of a definition essay, it is ideal that there are two parts of a definition essay. The first part of your essay should provide a synopsis of the topics in detail while the second part should highlight the strengths and weaknesses.

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4.Logical progression of the definition essay: Your writing should be portray concise logic and common sense of mind, the logical flow of the definition essay’s paragraphs should bead dressed with utmost importance. Another important thing is the coherence and flow of the concepts and idea. It is a good practice that sentences, ideas and paragraphs maintain a chronological pattern.

5. Clarity is the biggest pillar: Your essay will be meaningless,if a reader does not understand what you are writing about in your definition essay. The core message of your essay should be written in a simple language with a clear tone for the readers.

So, always try to keep in mind these above mentioned qualities of a definition essay for writing a good quality essay.

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