I like to help my friends whenever I can. I think that it is important to do so, and I want to be the best friend that I can. I also like to write, and so many of my friends ask me to help them when they need a custom essay. I really don’t mind; if the paper is not too long, it is usually pretty quick to write, and then we can go and get a cup of coffee, or whatever it is that I would rather be doing rather than someone else’s homework.

Writing with a taste of caffeine

Usually, I request that my whoever is asking me to engage in some on-demand-custom-writing do some things to prepare before I arrive. First, I ask that they have whatever beverage I desire on hand. Usually this is an energy drink of some kind; I am partial to Red Bull, but occasionally the Monster mood will hit me. It just depends on how I am feeling on that particular day. If, by chance, the friend in question lives close to a Starbucks I will request a hot beverage, and an expensive one for longer papers, but I normally request a cold drink, as it is more likely to be in a proper state for consumption when I arrive. I recall one wonderful occasion when an acquaintance asked for assistance with designing their website, and we generated content fueled by espresso that she made herself; I don’t think that I have ever written as quickly before or since!

The second thing that I normally request is that my friend assemble whatever notes, materials or whatever they have that relates to what needs to be written. Normally, this is not terribly organized and there has not been a great deal of research completed. The people that do those things do not need help writing. That is because most custom writing is not terribly custom, in truth; quite the opposite, in fact. It requires that you are organized and adhere to a certain format in what you write. You are not being asked to reinvent the wheel, you are being asked to make another wheel that is very close to the original, but just different enough to call it your own. It is not so much difficult as it is paying attention to detail and being disciplined enough to begin working prior to the day that the assignment is due.

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Almost without fail, it requires more time to figure out what needs to be written and to find the information that needs to be cited than it does to actually write my essay. As I am preparing to write my own papers, I concentrate on what the instructor says regarding the assignment in class. If you pay attention, it is not at all unusual to be able to assemble a rough outline simply by organizing your class notes and writing about what your professor talks about. It is that easy. I am lucky that I am able to type quickly, but that is the only skill that separates me from my friends who ask me to help them, in all honesty. I simply look at what needs to be written, and write it in the appropriate format.

Of course, espresso helps a lot.


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