Ask, and You Shall Receive…

Ask, and You Shall Receive…


Providing academic writing support, or providing custom essays to students who need help, is an interesting job that is also rewarding on many levels. Just as if I were writing these custom papers myself, it is all dependent upon the grade that will ultimately be received for what I have written. One of the biggest challenges is trying to determine what, exactly, needs to be written, and incorporating the information that has been discussed in class by the professor. I have found that asking questions of the client is one of the keys to success in research writing support, and helps to achieve customer satisfaction.

Ask, and You Shall Receive

Understanding what a client wants when they order a custom essay is the first step in the process of providing custom writing support. There are always instructions that are provided with every order, and often they include uploaded information from the class that describes how the assignment is to be written, formatted and what information should be included.

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The greater the amount information that is provided provides a greater chance of writing a custom paper that will satisfy the client with a good grade. Having information helps me to bridge the gap, so to speak, between a student writing a paper who has been in the class and listening (presumably) to the professor for the entire semester and myself, who is a stranger looking in from the outside and does not have the benefit of classroom attendance and personal instruction regarding the assignment.

The most simple and most direct ways to close that gap is to read the assignment’s instructions and ask questions. Determining what exactly needs to be written could mean inquiring as to how many examples the student wishes to be included. If the instructor has directed that fewer examples with greater detail is preferable to a more general presentation that provides a basic overview with simple examples, I want to know.

I will often begin to do research and a question will suggest itself that I did not think of originally. Perhaps, for example, I might want to inquire as to what position they wish for a custom essay (assuming that it does not make a difference for me to write either position). Alternatively, I might ask if there is a particular philosopher that they would like me to focus upon for their paper (again, assuming that I am able to find sufficient information to provide that choice).

Asking questions has proven to be an effective way to improve my writing on a personal and professional basis. I have become better at anticipating how a project might evolve, and what questions I should ask at the onset of writing. I believe that by clarifying needs and specifying my approach based on customer input, I write a better product for my customer and feel better about my work. I usually do not get feedback regarding the grades that my work receives, but I am certain that working in this manner delivers a paper that is destined to receive a higher grade than if I did not ask questions.


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