Minimum Wage Dreams: Working Part-Time As A College Student

Minimum Wage Dreams: Working Part-Time As A College Student

Minimum Wage Dreams: Working Part-time as a College Student by handmadewritings

Ah, the age old dilemma of getting a part-time job while going to college. The lack of time students experience after fulfilling their academic obligations can make it hard to obtain a full-time job. Balancing study and job responsibilities can be tough; however finding the right part-time student jobs can be ideal if it works out. Who doesn’t need more spending money? Part-time student jobs can be plentiful if you know where to look; however, it’s more important to find the right part-time job. When beginning to research part-time student jobs, cast a wide net and look into internships, seasonal jobs, winter/summer break jobs, and experience. Get motivated and find the internships and seasonal jobs that are the perfect fit. Once you find the right part-time job, balancing study and job requirements will be easy!


Internships are great for resumes. Find internships in a field you’re interested in: it’s a resume point future employers love. However, beware: if you’re seeking internships know that some internships don’t offer monetary compensation. Search for internships with a stipend. While some internships may offer an hourly wage, the majority of internships offer experience in lieu of a wage. Internships often require regular office hours, so that’s something to consider when balancing study and job responsibilities: will you be able to make your classes and handle the assigned work during an internship? Additionally, look into if your college counts internships toward class credits. Many higher education institutions help students find and apply for competitive internships. And the added benefit? Internships are viewed as the most prestigious part-time student jobs!

Seasonal jobs

Seasonal jobs by HandMadeWritings
Seasonal jobs are great as part-time student jobs because they often don’t interfere with balancing study and job requirements. Because seasonal jobs occur for only short periods, they’re ideal for college students. Seasonal jobs typically last several weeks. However, because of the short-term nature of these part-time student jobs, they also don’t allow students to make much money. Handy with lawn care equipment? Mow lawns for the locals during the spring or rake and bag leaves during the fall. Know others with a lack of time and money to burn? Be a personal shopper during the holiday season. Don’t mind dressing up? Be an elf to accompany Santa at local stores. Many stores additionally hire for seasonal jobs around holidays to help with stocking and check-out. If you’re interested in seasonal jobs, think about the time you have available and the work you can do and narrow your search to find a good fit. Research and apply early as seasonal jobs fill quickly.

Winter/Summer Break Jobs

It’s almost a rite of passage to find a winter/summer break jobs. When college students are home for breaks, the community sees them working part-time student jobs in the retail or hospitality sector. Wondering what some great winter/summer break jobs are? Think about cashier jobs at larger stores; smaller independently owned stores are likely to have less openings. Restaurants are another resource for part-time winter/summer break jobs; they often hire hostesses and other staff year-round. Camp counsellors and lifeguards are additionally popular winter/summer break jobs. If you have a lack of time during the academic calendar, then finding winter/summer break jobs would be an ideal fit for some part-time cash when school isn’t in session. One of the great benefits of winter/summer break jobs are that students don’t need to worry about balancing study and job responsibilities; since school is out, students can focus solely on their job!


Experience by HandMadeWritings

Your experience can help in earning money from part-time work. Do you have experience with kids? Offer this experience as a part-time nanny or date night sitter. Have experience in academics? Offer your experience as a tutor for you peers or younger kids. Is your experience more artistic? Look into part-time work as a graphic designer. Have writing experience? Use this experience to freelance and take jobs only when you have the time. Great at being organised? Use this experience to become a virtual assistant. Sit down and really think about how you can translate your experience into cash. The opportunities are endless!

Remember: balancing study and job demands comes first. The great thing about using your experience is that you’ll be earning money for something you like doing — there’s no job training required!

Part-time student jobs are sometimes a necessity — especially with the rising cost of a college. Internships, seasonal jobs, winter/summer break jobs, and experience can all help pay for college or provide that spending money you need during the semester. Many colleges and universities additionally offer work-study programs to students who financially qualify; these might be part-time student jobs worth looking into.

Remember: it’s important to balance study and job requirements. Before applying for part-time work, really sit down and think about the time and experience you have available. There are many pros and cons to working while earning your degree. Part-time opportunities such as internships can result in valuable networking experiences that could lead to jobs after graduation. While other part-time student jobs such as seasonal jobs and break jobs may not offer as many networking opportunities, they can work to increase your bank account balance. But remember that networking will be useful for finding a job when you graduate from college, so try to do your best in finding some contacts while working as part-time.

Part-time student jobs can be stressful when trying to balance study and job opportunities, so it’s a good idea to find something you love and have experience in. Ideally, see if you can find a job that will let you study when it isn’t busy! Look into internships and seasonal jobs that hone your time management skills. It’s also important to think about not only the time requirements of part-time student jobs but associated costs such as getting to and from the job as well as anything clothing you’d need to buy to meet company standards. Make sure you’re getting the money and experience you need. Part-time student jobs look great on resumes whether they are internships, seasonal jobs, winter/summer break jobs, or experience. Do what you love — the rest will be easy.

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