To Party Or Not To Party: The Animal House Collegiate Experience

To Party Or Not To Party: The Animal House Collegiate Experience

To Party or Not to Party: The Animal House Collegiate Experience

Once you’ve aced that final test and turned in the 10-page paper, you may want to kick back and treat yourself to a college party. Nothing can quite relieve the stress of college life like a classic frat party. College parties are known for their amazing themes, outfits, playlists, and drinks. If you need a night away from books, finding a college party and attending with some friends may be just what you need to relax, unwind, and have a good time.

College Party Themes

If you want to throw an epic college party, you’ll need to first decide on a theme. Once you have a good theme, you and fellow party throwers can then determine the party’s playlist, outfits, drinks, games, and more. The better the theme, the better time everyone will have at the party! So…what constitutes an epic college party theme? Good question. First, you’ll need to decide if you’d like to organize a classic college party or a pop-culture themed party. Don’t know the difference? Classic college party themes are timeless; they focus on themes that have been around at parties for decades. Common classic themes could be Togas, Movie Couples, Favorite Pairs, the 80s, or Dead Presidents. On the other hand, a pop-culture themed party focuses on what’s specifically trending in the last year or so. It could relate to a musician, social media celebrity, recent event…you get the idea. Once you’ve decided on a theme, the party planning can become immensely easier.

Remember: go light on the decorations — the college party is less about the decorations and more about the social interactions. Everyone attending the party wants to have a good time — and a good time is going to start with a good theme!

College Party Playlist

College Party Playlist

Choosing a college party playlist can be difficult. Before you begin perusing your music database, think about the kind of party you want to throw. Do you want it to be relaxed and a way for students to meet and talk and just hang out? Or are you trying to throw a rager with loud music, dancing, and drinking games galore? Have you ever seen the classic movie Animal House? That’s the definition of a college frat party. The party playlist is an essential aspect of creating the atmosphere you want at a party. First, choose music that the partygoers will be familiar with and that they can relate to. The worst parties are the ones where everyone is standing around because they don’t know what’s playing on the speakers! Second, consider a band. Do you know a local band that will play for beer money? They might be the ones to bring the energy and good vibes to the party; there’s just something about a house band playing the crowd’s favourites that can really get a party going! Third, if you’ve decided that the party will have a space for dancing, think about a DJ for some or all of the party. Perhaps you can have a playlist until 10 or 11, but after that, let the DJ set up and spin some tunes. A DJ can make a party feel more like a club — if you’re aiming for the ultimate college party, then this just might be the way to go. While you’re planning your college party playlist, now’s the time to know the noise ordinances off campus. Know when neighbours are legally allowed to make noise complaints and act accordingly to be a good neighbour and avoid any police knocking at the door.

College Party Outfits

Ah, the college party outfits. Once you’ve decided upon the college party theme, it’s time to consider the coordinating outfits. What’s more fun than showing up in your best Madonna-inspired outfit to an 80s themed party or your best flannel shirt and ripped jeans to the 90s themed party? Never stress about putting together the perfect college party outfit; there’s likely a Goodwill, Salvation Army, or cheap thrift store near campus offering exactly what you’re looking for at bargain prices.

Just remember: the perfect outfit will take some planning. So, if you want to be the star of the party, plan ahead and be willing to hunt down the outfit items that will wow every partygoer.

Party Drinks

While jungle juice is a go-to college party staple, skip that in lieu of a drink that you have to open. Lined trash cans filled with juice and random liquor will not only turn your stomach but opens the door for drink tampering, which is a vile occurrence at college parties. Better yet, bring your own drinks — doing so will ensure that you know what you’re drinking and exactly how much you’re drinking. Your safety is worth the price of a six-pack. No one really knows the proof of jungle juice; not knowing can lead a party-goer from sober to drunk in less than an hour if the juice is strong.

Frat Parties

Frat Parties

No college party experience would be complete without attending a frat party. Different fraternities often throw parties on the same nights, so you’ll have your choice of themes to attend. The frat party is known as the epitome of the party experience, so go with a friend or in a group.

Remember: there is always safety in numbers. Instances of bullying and sexual assault can occur at parties with large numbers of people drinking to excess, so be sure to go with a designated sober friend for the evening. This is especially important for female students as the instances of reported rapes have been increasing on college campuses worldwide. Attending with friends or roommates can be a good idea, especially if for each party the group attends, someone volunteers to be the party “mom” and look after everyone else for the evening.

Need a few college party safety tips? Here you go:

  • Attend in a group
  • Designate a sober friend to keep an eye on everyone
  • Drink only from closed containers that can’t be tampered with
  • Never put a drink down once it’s opened
  • Have a safety word to use with your friends if you need to leave immediately
  • Leave if anyone makes you feel uncomfortable or threatened

If your first few college party experiences are great, then commit to doing well in your classes so you can enjoy the next few! Motivate yourself to study and use those fun frat parties as a reward for doing well.

Remember: college life is about finding a balance between fun and academics!

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