How to Overextend Yourself when It’s Desperately Needed?

How to Overextend Yourself when It’s Desperately Needed?

How to Overextend Yourself when It's Desperately Needed?

A sure way to kill one’s spirit is to set mediocre goals and tolerate uniformity – the history of humankind teaches us.
There is an increasing number of streams nowadays where the assembly of viewpoints, people, processes, etc. is a forefront strategy to bear living:

  • people gather in tribes to backup each other and create comfort zones;
  • business partnerships and collaborations happen day in and day out;
  • investors tend to invest money in groups, forming so-called “syndicates” etc.

These and many others are the crowning examples of how people prefer doing things together, instead of unlinking themselves and jumping into the water all alone.

My perspective though is just a tad different. I came to a belief that “collective mind” has been a sizeable offsite for me. When you are surrounded by people, it’s easy not to push hard but just go with the flow.
There is nothing bad in flowing in one boat with others, but there should be a fine line between having a synergy and having an excuse for not bringing your “A” game.
For me personally, a lonely state is a better state to pursue moonshots. I am inclined to try new things, go by “crazy ideas” and so on when I am by myself. However, it’s not indicative that I am a sociopath of any nature. Don’t get me wrong – I do things for other people just as for myself, it’s just that I have a surge of self-motivation when there is no one to help me out, shaping a so-called artificial desperation.

Overextending yourself is an extraordinary regime of a human’s willpower.

You have to go an extra mile to get your ass out of the comfort zone, which to my assumption, is largely predicated on the notion of “salary”.
Salary makes us feel invincible and stable, and also engenders a certain degree of safety, which you become accustomed to. If you don’t have a consistent income, you get a sense of urgency, which is needed disastrously to do unconventional things. Simply put, this is a valid way of making yourself do the things that matter in long-run right now, because you won’t make peace with the reality every so often as you do with recurring paychecks.
The described agenda is not for everyone. If you are just like me, and you experience a certain ebb in energy and enthusiasm – don’t settle for “collective opinion” but rather put yourself in the isolated mode, where no one covers you up and you are forced to do what you do best.

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