Getting Started

Getting Started


Sometimes it can be difficult to sit down and begin to produce words, especially when those writings, as is my custom, need to be written for a paper that must follow strict guidelines. If I have written something similar (either in subject or format)in the past, I will usually take the time to look over what I have written previously to refresh my memory. It goes without saying that I do not just cut and paste, but if there is information that can be useful in my current project, I can always check the material that I have cited so that I can use the source again.

Getting Started

When I want to be sure that I am adhering to the requirements for a particular project, I will do some general research in order to help focus my thoughts and cement the concept into my mind.I usually begin with a Google search, say, for a literary analysis, and then read a few articles or other information that discuss the necessary components. This can be a tremendous service when writing something with very specific characteristics, and you want to adhere to custom in your work.

I will also try searching for something like “literary analysis example”, so that I can see what someone else has written. In addition to refreshing my memory on the specific needs of the literary analysis, for example, it can be very helpful to read one. By doing so, I can observe the writer’s tone, how they present their arguments and what types of transitional phrases they use.

If, though, I am still struggling, then I will continue to Google my way out of my rut by trying to find additional information about either the subject or the type of writing that I am doing. It is always easier to write when you are familiar with what you are saying and how to say it. I will look for anything that will discuss my topic: book reviews, summaries, blogs or anything that is written about what I have to write about. I try to find something that will be the catalyst for writing my own paper.

I have also gotten inspiration by talking to someone about the project. Outlining the paper and the subject enough to talk about it can also help me to arrange, or rearrange, things in my mind and get something to click. If I am going to have problems writing something, it is usually getting started, which I imagine is the case for most people. Once I can get going I tend to gain momentum and can usually push my way through to the end.

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A word of warning, though: I have gone through this process and written a page or two only to be sidetracked by YouTube or Reddit, and lost my hard-earned motion. Ignore those siren songs! That is why I used the words “push through” earlier because when I get going I do not like to stop for anything save a cigarette or to use the restroom, as I am always fearful that I will become bogged down again. Writing, like many things in life, demands effort to be applied in sufficient force and duration in order to be successful.

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