Gaining Fulfillment Through Helping Others

Gaining Fulfillment Through Helping Others

Gaining Fulfillment Through Helping OthersOver the course of my professional career, which has lasted for about three years as an entrepreneur now, I have sometimes been struck by a deep psychological effect of nonfulfillment, or in other words, not feeling necessary motivation and self-esteem. However, lately this daunting feeling has been spilling over into my personal life, too, and hurt most to the extent of not even having the will to do something I enjoy.

One way or another, we all, at some point of our lives, have a sizeable deficit of willpower and motivation to do what we know is right, or beneficial in the long-run. In biological terms, humans are being governed by four chemicals that are responsible for an ultimate feeling of satisfaction and happiness by pulling out our ingrained desires. If we, as Homo sapiens, are following them – then we are gifted with an endless hunger for doing things that deliver these great, awesome feelings. As an organic result – this causes an addiction for behaviors bringing out the best of us, and this is a secret for a fertile life for many people.

One of the chemicals generated inside of us is called dopamine. This hormone is precisely the one that takes precedence in letting out emotions when we set and complete our goals. We get shots of dopamine all the time when marking our daily tasks as “done”. Did you laundry?  – get a hit of dopamine. Finished your homework? – get another one.  In continuation, we can lead our life by finding the challenge of releasing dopamine often to feel really, really good.

Business before pleasure, right? Wrong. Business brings pleasure. Well, if it is tightly bound with accomplishing your goals.
Unfortunately, turning back the spotlight on my latest issues with self-motivation, it has become increasingly hard to get these shots of dopamine by doing little things, or at least, what I perceive as “little things”.

Rather, when the bar is high, and you just take all you do and achieve for granted – you become too pessimistic by not having large, tangible results, which are valuable for the whole organization and each of its members. And believe me – this is not an overnight accomplishment, magic does not happen when you send a request for it – you have to really endure through a whole lot of crappy deeds, that are not fun at all.

In my life-vision, I have elaborated bullet points that perfectly draw an agenda for getting back on track for a fulfilling emotional disposition when you feel disharmonized.

The majority, if not all of the values below, are geared to being more humanistic, and serving-to-others, person. By the end of this manuscript I will expose the reasons insofar as focusing on these particular traits, and how they apply to my professional life.

Stay Supportive

First and foremost – stay compassionate and supportive of other people, or at least the ones you care about.

People are not robots. Our species has achieved revolutionary achievements by building entire cities, organizations and social movements. But none of these has been done without an empathic, supportive treatment of each other. As social animals, people prevail when they work in groups, and these groups thrive when everybody has the same vision and are willing to watch each other’s back.

If you manage to do this in your own eco-system, count it done – you will have a successful company, based of shared common values.

Make an effort for someone

Invest your time and energy, let alone money and auto-response, and do something for another person. Nothing works better for feeling better than working for the best interests of another human being, especially when you sacrifice you own interest for that. It is actually extraordinarily hard, but it’s worth of it.

Be sincere

Categorizing sincere and insincere deeds is wrong by default. If you cannot distinguish whether you really are in a position to come over to a colleague who you stigmatized just recently and say “happy birthday” to him – don’t even bother. However, the difference between a growing person and one that remains the same over time – is an ability to leave their comfort-zone to do something for someone. This is only half-way though, if you found all the courage in the world to go over to someone, make sure you find words that you truthfully believe in and tell sincerely about how you feel about that person. The long-term effect of this hard-to-handle act will flip your world over.

Be a follower

In simple terms, your life-path can lie on the crossroads of following other people. Never be too arrogant to listen, and listen with a pure heart. We all seek recognition, this is a no-brainer, we actually do. But in a modern world, recognition is awfully hard to get, so give recognition to someone you know, and want to be happy. Say that you like the idea, say “I trust you’, say “you can do it”, and believe it or not, this will change the world for that person, who will have gotten a follower and believer in no time. How would you feel seeing that person flourishing and making the greatest effort because of you? Intuitively, you will feel just as good as the person who you helped, because this would be our emotional response programmed by Mother Nature.

If you hold tight and stick to following the steps revealed here, you will get something even more efficient rolling inside your organism. I told about the four chemicals, remember? Although dopamine was only one of them, it works fine in the short term, hands down. However, if you manage to really care about other people and educate yourself to sacrifice for them – you will release serotonin and oxytocin – absolute “monsters” for driving happiness and motivation. These two hormones are the natural response for our bonding with other people, and making ourselves better though helping others become better.

In my organization, we have got a beautiful team of bright brains assembled under one roof to work for a greater good. My role as a leader is to make each and every one of them feel safe, feel that when the danger comes – they have a person that will face the challenge first and provide a shield. We, as leaders, have to take responsibility, and give away credit. When moments of sadness come, they can be waived by making an effort for someone.

As it is only by reckoning with people in our surroundings can we achieve a great presence of fulfillment and live a happy life.





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