Due Tomorrow…

Due Tomorrow…

Due Tomorrow

Every writer suffers from difficulty in putting words to paper, or to a computer screen, from time to time. Perhaps what most of us feel does not qualify as “writer’s block”, but it is definitely hard to get started writing your essay that is due tomorrow. It can be difficult to write when you are faced with a deadline; every writer has had to write that essay, and will probably have them again at some point in the future. It is the nature of the beast that writing is often put off until the last moment, or at least for me it is.

Due tomorrow…

As a college student, I am having a hard time beginning . say that they cannot notice a decline in the quality of my writing when I use this technique, to be honest). I feel that it is often times easier to edit than to write, and so if I have some material to begin looking at and to revise, it becomes easier than trying to write a masterpiece in one draft.

As I look over what I have written, I concentrate on trying to find phrases or ideas that express what I am trying to say and to collect those. Often I will find these “salvageable pieces” sprinkled in amongst hundreds of words that I cannot use, but when I identify and assemble the good parts, it will help to clarify my thoughts and I am able to write a little more.

Examining the chaff, once it is separated from the wheat, and organizing it also helps to improve the organization of the essay I am writing, or it might suggest an approach that I did not consider when I first began. Perhaps I might also find that something I had intended to use as support for one particular point actually is better used somewhere else.

I also find that there is often benefit in walking away from the keyboard for a little while after I have written something. I believe that the “essay writing service” in my brain continues to work, even subconsciously, and I will often experience a bit of inspiration when I am engaged in some other activity. It is important, of course, to write down these bits of inspiration in order not to forget them. Do not try to remember these presents from your subconscious mind; scribble them down, or write them in an email and send it to yourself on your phone if you have to.

Going back over the material I have gathered in my research and rereading it will also help me to begin to write again. If the essay does not incorporate research, reading something that is somewhat relevant to the topic you are writing about will also aid in generating ideas.

Really, though, there is no substitute for simply sitting down and beginning to write. At some point, you will need to do so enough to fill your word count requirement, and outside of utilizing the essay writing service that exists outside of your brain, there is no other way to accomplish your goal!

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