Africa: Problems and Developing

Africa: Problems and Developing

Over the years, there has been a general improvement on economic development in Africa, albeit analysts believe that it has not translated to improved living conditions for the masses. Even with the abundant human and natural resources that the continent has in it is disposition (the richest continent in the world in terms of natural resources), Africa has remained the least developed region in the world.

The problem of economic development in Africa has largely been attributed to poor governance and corruption among public officials.  With the independence of Africa in the 1960s, Africa had high hopes on political and economic “prosperity”. This however has eluded the continent in many ways making her (Africa) depend substantially on assistance from their once “colonial masters” in form of “Aids”.

Demographic issues have been linked to Africa’s economic problem with factors such as low density of population and rural to urban migration of people usually in search of “greener pastures”. This inhibits growth as it neglects Agriculture and other natural and mining works. It overpopulates the urban areas and mounts pressure on public infrastructure which is usually insufficient and lacks maintenance.

Furthermore, neo-colonialism is another major problem hampering economic development. Even though most countries are officially independent from their colonial masters, they still have a lot of influence on them that makes them perpetual slaves. These colonial masters have fashioned out modern export systems and other means of milking the countries they once colonized.

Overpopulation or high population growth is often linked with poor economic development in Africa especially as the masses scamper for limited resources and public infrastructure because the available ones are barely enough for the teeming population. While high population growth affects economic development in that it sees to an increase in the demand for infrastructure, increase in violence and increase in the challenges of governance. It is important to note that poor economic development in Africa is more a leadership problem than it is a factor of population growth. Corruption among public officials is the bane of economic development especially in sub-Saharan Africa. Countries resources are mismanaged and funds meant for development are looted and diverted to private pockets leaving the country largely underdeveloped and poor.

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Although most African countries have high birthrates which is believed to retard economic development, with credible leadership, proper economic and social policies, the problems of economic development would be history.

The importance of labor in Africa’s development cannot be overemphasized. Africa, a continent rich in natural resources also prides itself in the strength of her people.

Africa has experienced tremendous improvements and transformation in labour over the years. A term known as “the civilization of labour” is appropriate to describe the labour changes that has enveloped Africa’s workforce.

Although there are still incidences of child labour and human trafficking, the effects of labor reforms have since outstripped the ugly effect of trafficking. Efforts have been made at enlightenment of the masses on the proper engagement of people and the dignity in labor.

Labor administration in the form of labour unions has been part of the revolution in labour administration in African States. They checkmate the excesses of government, institutions, multinational companies and entrepreneurs who may want exploit the masses.

Therefore, planners designed complex systems of organized, state controlled labour recruitment, and formulated rules for labour contracts and compensation that are consistent with international best practices.

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